And the “Best Geek Blog” for 2010 is… dotTech!

Earlier this year I asked dotTechies to vote for dotTech as the “Best Geek Blog” for 2010 at the Blogger’s Choice Awards; there have also been dotTechie-assisted campaign efforts through our forums. Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, techies and non-techies, young and old, male and female, tall and short, skinny and… erm, where was I? Oh yeah, dotTech has been crowned “Best Geek Blog” for 2010!

To keep this short and sweet, thank you to everyone that participated in the campaign, and thank you all for being loyal dotTechies. dotTech wouldn’t be as successful as it is today without every last one of you. Congratulations to everyone!

P.S. Yes, I know Blogger’s Choice Awards is a fairly worthless awards website in the sense that winning an award from them really doesn’t mean much. However, who cares! xD

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  1. Suze

    @Ashraf: Yikes, Ashraf! Shame on “her” for spamming, and many thanks for identifying it as spam, and then deleting it! Feel free to delete my comment (#59) if you’d like, along with this one.

    Happy Holidays to the Hardest Working “Geek” :)

  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Suze: Oops that is my fault (kind of). That comment was originally marked as spam, but when I was looking through the spam comments for false positives, that particular comment looked legit so I approved it. Turns out it really is spam… I have deleted it now.

  3. CakeIsAlie

    Dottech is probably the best site for technology based articles and such, but I heard the community can get over sensitive at certain things. That’s why I decided not to join the forums. Sigh… :(

  4. bill

    Congratulations on this richly deserved honor, and thank you for all of your information, insights, and offers. Keep up the the outstanding effort, and best wishes for a repeat in next year’s awards.

  5. clockmendergb

    Well deserved recognition of a great web site Ashraf.
    It is obvious to all of us that visit, all the hard work you have put in to make this a come to place
    Thanks and Congratulations.

  6. mukhi

    well, i don’t find any other blog/forum where discussion about a software is so clear, detailed. the area where dottech really rocks is pointing out significant negatives about a particular software. i am convinced if dottech says nono, it should be nono for myself as well. thanks dottech.

  7. Bruce Fraser

    Congratulations Ashraf, and the rest of your team!

    I find this especially heartwarming after another tech website (4Free) kept on blathering about how you were just a punk while they were the real deal… and look where they are now (long out of business).

  8. Lovejoy Peacemaker

    If the worthiness of an award was calculated by the worthiness of its recipient then You Ashraf and dotTech just won the Baseball World Series, the Soccer World Cup and the Oscar of Geek Blogs all rolled into one

  9. DancEasy

    That has to be said:

    Besides the fact, that the team permanently feeds us with precious SW information, the dotTech promos are working! Opposite to that, the offers of other Adventkalender and promo providers – I will not write any names – constantly crash or are posted to late. Another huge THANK YOU to Ashraf and team.

    Greetings from Switzerland

  10. Sunny

    And why not? It’s richly deserved. If it wasn’t such a pleasant oasis to stop alongside on a regular basis I for one wouldn’t support it. It’s a place where one can relax for a time, saunter through the myriad highways and byways, have a cup of tea, learn the easy way, and generally have a good time amongst decent and helpful people who haven’t got a vested interest in oneupmanship or sniping each other to extinction.

    It’s founder….. let’s hear it for Ashraf!….. is a thoroughly decent bloke without the big fat ego that beleaguers some other blogsites. Furthermore he works hard and honestly to bring us a wide variety of helpful articles and reviews which dottechies, and I’m sure many unnamed passing visitors, really appreciate.

    So, thank you, and may be around for a very long time.

  11. Emrys

    Well, as worthless as this award may seem to you, can’t blame anyone but yourself for it. Now you’ve really done it. As word of this goes viral, demand for your downloads and requests for advice will likely crash your present server and may even result in a DoS event to rival those launched by the Wiki-weirdos. In short, your time is limited and your bandwidth is numbered. Locutus might be printing up tee shirts and bumper stickers having beaten me to it. Don’t let us get away with it…you’ve got a great service going here, and that costs time and money. I for one think it’s high time that you go Pro. P.S. @ Locutus, sorry I took your name in vain….:)

  12. The Living Spirit

    I’ve never thought much of those awards, but then to be honest I find most award ceremonies a waste of time. But it’s always nice to win something and feel appreciated for your work – and dotTech deserves it. Kudos!