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Describe the $700B bailout in 3 sentences or less.

Posted By Ashraf On October 30, 2008 @ 8:21 PM In I suck at spellings | 3 Comments

On their way up they robbed our parents.
While on top they robbed us.
On their way down they robbed our children.
With all that money, they had $440k parties [1] and lived happily ever after.

It has a nice poetic ring to it no? Okay I confess: I cheated. I used 4 sentences instead of 3. I figured, that last line adds such a nice finishing touch…I can’t just leave it out. Another confession: I stole those top three lines from some guy at a party. I am a thief too; I am such a bad person.

Feel free to post your thoughts on the current bailouts, companies and entities involved, and/or just the economy in general. But please,  censor anything that is above G rated (i.e. cuss words): replace it a “<BLEEP>” (without quotes).

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