Free 6 month Avira Premium AntiVirus!!! (Update: now 1 month only.)

Update: This offer is now only 1 month free.

For McAfee I posted that I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. For Avira, I am considering ditching my Kaspersky AV for it! Avira is amongst the best of the best when it comes to computer security. Even Avira Free AV provides amazing protection for $0. And a chance at a free 6 months license to Premium edition is a god send. I highly suggest every one takes advantage of this opportunity. Remember this is not Avira Free AV. This is Avira Premium AV. A 6 months license. For free. If you don’t believe me, read up on tests done by The following are the differences between Avira Free AV and Avira Premium AV:

Avira Free AV

AntiVir protection against viruses, worms and Trojans

AntiDialer protection against expensive dialers

AntiRootkit protection against hidden rootkits

Faster Scanning up to 20% faster

New User Interface

AntiPhishing protection against phishing

Avira Premium AV

In addition to everything mentioned above for Avira Free AV, Premium includes

AntiSpyware protection against spyware and adware

WebGuard protection against malicious websites

AntiDrive-by stops malware downloads while surfing

RescueSystem creates a bootable rescue CD

Enhanced email protection for POP3 and SMTP

Fast Premium update server

Okay so now down to the good stuff. How to get 6 month license for Avira Premium AV for free:

Update: Just for your information, this free 6 months license is provided to us by PC-Welt, a German magazine. Please visit them, even if you cant read what they say, to thank them for the offer by giving them more website hits or something.

Visit this website and fill out the form. Be sure to use a valid email address. It is in German:

Once you have filled everything out, hit the “Submit Request” or “Linez Anfordern” button. There seems to be some sort of connection problem so after you hit the “Submit Request” button your browser may take a very long time to load the next page eventually ending in a 404 error of some sorts. But don’t worry that is no problem. After you hit the “Submit Request” button and the next page has loaded into a 404 error, close out the window. Even if you don’t get a 404 error and the next page does load properly, close out the window. Check your email that you entered in the form on the German Avira website. You should have an email (which will be in German) from “Avira <>”. The subject line will be “Ihre Avira Testlizenz?”. The email looks like this:

As I mentioned, the gmail is in German. Don’t worry we don’t need to translate the email – we are only interested in the attachment. There is file attached to the email called “HBEDV.KEY”. Download this file and keep it in a safe place on your computer that you will remember. This file is what will activate your 6 license when you are installing Avira Premium AV.

Now download Avira AntiVirus from here. After Avira is done downloading, install Avira. During the installation process, you will come across a screen where you will have to enter an activation code. The window will be like so – we are interested in the area I have boxed in red:

Click on “HBEDV.KEY”. A window will then pop up allowing you to browse your computer. Navigate to where you placed the “HBEDV.KEY” file that you downloaded from the email. Select it and enter it into the program. Then hit “Next”. The next window that pops up will confirm that you have activated Avira Premium AV successfully:

If you see the window in the above screenshot, congratulations you now are the proud owner of Avira Premium AntiVirus – for 6 months at least =D. Just hit “Next” and let the installation finish. Welcome to the Avira fan club =D.

Before we go, there is one more house keeping chore to do. This is optional, but recommended:

Go to Click on “Forgot Password”:

That will bring you to a window where you can enter an email. Enter the email you entered earlier when signing up for the 6 months license and shit “Send me a new password”:

Now check your email for an email from “Avira customer account <>” with the subject line “New password for your Avira customer account?”. It will look like the following:

Click on that first link, the one that is boxed in read in the above screenshot. That will bring you to your account page on Avira’s website:

From this page you will be able to manage all your Avira licenses including the 6 month free license you recieved today. The first thing you want to do, however, is change password!

That is it. If you have any questions or face any problems, feel free to ask me. I will try to help to the best of my ability.

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  1. mahmood

    hello hey i have one question how can i download the update of Avira which is for one Year or less than that if it is possible please send me the link where can i donwload it tnx i am waiting for it

  2. Aunti Vir

    Still one more note about the above link to the 90 day Avira license: After completing the form you’ll see a screen informing you that it has sent the license to your email address. Obviously, if you’ve used a “creative” address you won’t receive it SO…there is also a button at the bottom which says ‘License Overview’. Click that and you’ll see a form that allows you to download both the program and the license directly.

  3. Aunti Vir

    I’ve been using this on my machines for at least the last 1.5 years. How? Avira *regularly* has deals with magazines to provide 90 day licenses. Just Google to find; input a different name and imaginative email address and download the license. The 6 month subscription here is longer but otherwise nothing special.

    BTW, think twice about replacing Kaspersky with Avira. Kaspersky isn’t free (mostly) but it has *considerably* fewer false positives than Avira. That doesn’t make Avira bad, it just makes it annoying if you regularly encounter packed files and the like.

  4. digish


    The offer is still valid and you get a valid license for six months according to the my installation dated(06-03-2009).

    Ashraf thanks for the info. if the program turns out to be good, might purchase the License after six months.


  5. Ardwych

    Ashraf – It’d be more valid to have a title to the article saying “Free 1 month [sic] Avira Premium AntiVirus!!!” would it not?
    If you have the opportunity to add an update line then you should, ethically, take the time to correct the ‘teaser’.

  6. Mike

    Thank you for the step by step directions but I only managed to get 1 month,not 6 months. I thought I followed the dirrections but I must of messed up somewhere. Any advice would be great.

  7. Svupper

    I have tried the trick to get a 6 months Premium trial.I could get one!
    One of my friends tried the same,he could also only get 1 month.
    But its no problem,I use the free version,together with Online Armor retail FW,and I have a router on too,so I feel fine protected.
    The reason I ended up with Avira,after having used Kaspersky in over 5 years,was that Kaspersky is wasyyy too heavy.Its one of the best probably,but sooo heavy.
    My private opinion about online security,is that I think something like PC tools Threatfire is greatif you need more protection than usual.Its lightweight,and free!Tests has shown,that its better to catch spyware,than Spysweeper.But all systems could benefit from it IMO.

  8. Abrar

    I am a big fan of Avira for sometime now, it is lightweight, very small update files and excellent protection. I had a three month license of Avira premium through one of their promotions. Few days back I read about this six month license, I downloaded the HBDEV key but it wont work with the English version I downloaded with three month license. Kindly give me some advise on making the six month German key with English version or I have to download the German.


  9. Ashraf


    The link I gave in my post above is to an English version:

    “Now download Avira AntiVirus from here. After Avira is done downloading, install Avira. During the installation process, you will come across a screen where you will have to enter an activation code…”

    Download it from that link and use the HBEV.KEY you got from registering on the German website. Also if you do the ‘housekeeping’ I mentioned, you should be able to access the English version of the website with links to English download/key.

  10. Giovanni

    So Ashraf are you sure to ditch KAV for AVIRA PREMIUM?

    After all the KAV free licence lasts 1 year and not just 6 months, doesn’t it?

    At present I’m running on my old HOME PC Avira AntiVir Personal edition: it works great but if you were in my shoes what would you do?

    Grab the one year KAV free licence, the six months AVIRA PREMIUM free licence or keep Avira AntiVir Personal edition running on my PC?

    Actually, if you wish, you could even get a 1 year (and not just 6 months) free licence of AVIRA PREMIUM with trialpay!!

    Start trialpay checkout, pick a trialpay offer which acts as sponsor (for instance a printer ink cartrige) and then grab a 1 YEAR FREE LICENCE of AVIRA PREMIUM…LOL!!

    As for the free 6 month Avira Premium licence in theory it’s possible to extend its free usage to 1 year with different email address although users have to apply for the new free license key file or serial number at the end of existing subscription period just before the expiry date, as the Avira’s 6 month license begins to run from the time the email license is delivered.

    For more information take a peep here:

    Alternatively why not download the TRIAL VERSION and then try to extend the trial period following this tricks published on RAYMOND CC BLOG a few months ago?

    Have you ever tried whether or not they really work?

    Finally if you are looking for a all-in-one global protection solution Panda Internet Security 2009 is definetely one of my best choices, along with KASPERSKY INTERNET SECURITY 2009, as it has a great engine and virus signature database (actually its online scanner is one of the best ones available on the web) with a cutting-edge heuristic technology that appears to perform even better than KASPERSKY AV, thanks to its Collective Intelligence Technology, which offers the most complete protection againts data theft (login details, credit card numbers, etc.) and other Internet threats, such as viruses, spyware, hackers and online fraud. The only problem is that it requires a huge amount of resources to run smoothly (Pentium 300 MHz or faster CPU and 1GB RAM with TruPrevent enabled)

    Here a full review of this product with its KEY FEATURES:

    Of course it’s not FREEWARE and it’s actually quite expensive indeed (80$) but you can exceptionally grab a FREE 1 YEAR LICENCE of this little gem following the instructions described very well here:

    Alternatively PC TOOLS INTERNET SECURITY 2009 is another great all-in-one solution combining PC Tools’ award winning Anti-Spyware (Spyware Doctor), Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam and Firewall protection into a united, easy-to-use product and quite light-weight suite in comparison with Panda Internet Security 2009 (but not sure which is the best suite between the two ones).
    And as PANDA suite, PC TOOLS INTERNET SECURITY 2009 is also not FREEWARE (60$) but you can get a 1 YEAR FREE LICENCE of this cool application plus one year of technical support here:

    Waiting for your feedback.


  11. Ashraf


    I don’t but I am sure a little research would reveal how. However I gave up my ‘illegal’ activities long ago. I am a clean kid now. :D

    I think purchasing Avira is definitely worth it – it is great security and it is light on resources. After this 6 months ends, you can get 1 year free of Avira via TrialPay.

  12. Giovanni

    Yeah I was aware of this offer after attending an Italian forum last week, but to be honest I “hate” this kind of free limited licences as at the end of them every other FREEWARE ALTERNATIVE appears to be rubbish tempting you to buy the full version…LOL!

    One day an Italian geek told us that he knew a trick to renew the licence of AVIRA PREMIUM 8 for other 6 months once the first one has expired but unfortunately his message was banned by the staff of the forum before I could take note of it…LOL!!

    By the way, do you know whether or not it’s possible to extend this offer beyond its expiration date as described so well by RAYMOND CC BLOG with reference to other renowned trial commercial products?

    And anyway RAPIDSHARE and EMULE can actually help in this if only I could use them …damn!!

    But maybe we’d better buy the full version of AVIRA PREMIUM 8 especially if you take into account this statement taken out from AVIRA website:

    “Five euro from every online sale of AntiVir PersonalEdition Premium and AntiVir Security Suite go towards the Auerbach Foundation.This charitable foundation, which was founded by Tjark Auerbach, the company founder of Avira, supports social, scientific and cultural projects with these donation”

    What do you make of it, Ashraf?



  13. GAOTD Lover

    what’s that?
    Oh, I already have an antivirus for free which I don’t want to uninstall for fear of not being able to reinstall…
    my mom worked for Portland State University, so I got free McAfHorrible.
    But it still works, and it is an endless licence.
    Also I like Virtual Machines.