[Android] Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is on sale for $0.99 [24-hours only]

On Saturday I posted about Gameloft’s New Year’s Sale, selling all their games for $0.99 — all games except the latest and greatest Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation. In the article I mentioned Gameloft plans on also selling Modern Combat 3 for $0.99, but it will only be for 24-hours on an unspecified day. Well that 24-hours has arrived — Gameloft’s Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is on sale for $0.99 on Android Market.

The tweet by Gameloft announcing this sale was made “5 hours ago” according to Twitter so that would mean the 24-hour sale ends 12 PM EST January 3, 2012. So grab this while you can.

Take note this sale of Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation is on Android Market only, so you need to purchase it from there. If you don’t have access to paid apps on Android Market in your country you are short on luck — sorry! Also note before you can play Modern Combat 3 you will need to download a 749 MB game pack, so make sure you have access to a WiFi connection.

Hit up the link below on your Android device or your computer to purchase and download Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation:

Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation [Android Market]

Thanks Khalid!

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  1. Switch-kun

    I played it today. Unrealistic story (KPR, Korean Pakistani Russian Alliance, is the enemy in this game). It’s basically a combination of MW3 and BF3 stuck together. The controls obviously, are horrible to the max, so manual arranging is necessary. Even so, it’s almost like a rail shooter… with the ability to walk.

  2. Switch-kun

    @Chuck Wilsker: I remember trying to find “Contract-Killer: Zombies” through my Android phone, however, they didn’t release a version for my phone. I tried searching for the web for the APK file, it works, but there’s no sound. In simple terms, wait for less than a month, and it should be available for your phone.

    It’s ok if you miss the chance to buy it today. I played Modern Combat 2 and I find the controls kind of hard unless you re-arrange the onscreen buttons manually. Besides, the game is considered “half-assed” since it isn’t like COD where you can freely move and pull off stunts.