[iOS] Get 10 paid apps (including Battery Manager Pro) for free! [Limited time offer]

Do you own an iDevice? Shame on you. Then move your butt and hit up iTunes to get ten paid apps for free:

Take note some of the apps are free only for a limited time: Battery Manager Pro is free for 48-hours only; Sessions: Time Tracker is free for this week only; HDR FX is free until April 30, 2012; and both Home Budget Calculations and Tiny Dict mention they are free “for a limited time”. Enjoy!

[via Lifehacker and LogicBuy]

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  1. ttalse

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  2. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Doug: Does iTunes allow refunds? Other than that I don’t think there is anything that can be done… The only advice I have is always double check if you are buying an app or downloading it for free.

  3. Doug

    re the battery Manager Pro – the app that was to be free March 21,2012 – iTunes charged me $ 1.99 for the app – it was not free on March 21,2012. What can be done?

    Appreciate any advice

    Mar 22/12

  4. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @PCbasics: As I hear about ‘em I’ll post.

    @Commonkore, @Toys4Boys, and @Mark: The promos were all live when I posted about this. Either the promos ended early, where scams by the developers who raised the prices once the promos became popular, or I posted about the promos late (as far as I know the promos started yesterday so I don’t think I posted late but I may have). Either way, you are right — some of the promos, like Battery Manager Pro, are no longer available. Sorry!

  5. Commonkore

    I tried to download these apps last evening and could not get Classic Booth, or Discovr Movies to show as a “free” app. When I tried to download Oh My phone I got a message that it was not available at the time as it was being upgraded. I tried all three this morning, March 21st, and none of them are free?????

  6. Robert

    I know I’ll admit that I’d download these just for giggles, and whether or not I can run them on my iPhone 3G. I know I am up for a new phone since my 2-year contract ended last December, but money is tight so I haven’t plunged in getting a 4S. Who can say, I might hold out if there will be an iPhone 5 this year. Besides I always love it when the price is free. :)

  7. Hal

    too bad only for iphones…..sigh
    but know a lot of them out there, lol, going to have to see is anything like that battery pro
    for android phone….

    Thanks for all the wonderful stuff