State of dotTech Address: Why only discoveries of the day and what is next

Hello all,

As I’m sure most of you have noticed, lately dotTech has only been doing Windows Software of the Day, Android Apps of the Day, and iOS Apps of the Day articles. By now some of you must be wondering where the freebies, tips, tricks, news, and reviews have gone; and if this is a permanent change to dotTech. This post is to let all dotTechies know what is going on.

Any longtime dotTechie knows this time of the year dotTech goes ‘quiet’ because I don’t have the time or access to update dotTech because of other responsibilities. This year, however, I wanted to try something different. Instead of simple shutting off the lights for a few months, I decided to have daily Discoveries of the Day articles to keep the articles ticking until dotTech can be back to full speed. So what am I trying to say? Simple put, I am saying Discoveries of the Day-only articles is not a permanent change for dotTech. We will go back to posting the much loved freebies, tips, tricks, news, and reviews in the future. For now, however, please enjoy Windows Software of the Day, Android Apps of the Day, and iOS Apps of the Day. Oh and don’t worry — we won’t stop Discoveries of the Day even when we restart all the rest.

Feel free to leave suggestions and/or feedback in the comments below. Constructive criticism is always welcomed.

Tale care,
Mr. Boss aka Ashraf

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  1. jivadas

    The subscribe without comment still does not work. But I do have a comment.
    The notice for the day,s three windows apps does not show WHAT three apps are being presented. So I have to open a new page to see what is being offered.
    This is only an extra click for most people, but for my snafu pc, it’s an extra pain.
    And Ashraf I don’t want your baby: I,m 75, it,s a little late for us.


  2. Janee Tsironis

    There are some fascinating points in time in this article however I don’t know if I see all of them center to heart. There’s some validity however I will take maintain opinion till I look into it further. Good article , thanks and we want extra! Added to FeedBurner as properly

  3. chucklw


    Everything you have done has been appreciated and i look forward to following you in the future.
    Through our dialogues i have thought of you as a friend.
    Perhaps we’ll meet sometime.

    By the way, finally replaced my Razr with a Razr Maxx. What a difference! No more worrying about battery life.

    Be Well,


  4. Mardel

    As always, love your site; keep up the goodwork; don’t forget about us….enjoy your life, do what you have to do….then get back to us as we will be waiting. I too followed you from gaod and love your reviews on things. Anxiously awaiting and I read all these e-mails you send to me (since I chose to have them sent) and I click on the links! Take care

  5. Mr.Dave

    Ashraf, it looks like you have quite a strong fan club here. I’m proud to be a member!

    Thanks for letting us know what’s going on, and don’t feel pressured by all of us wanting more and more. I’ll take quality over quantity any day, that’s why I keep coming back to dotTech.

  6. alhall

    How about fixing your search engine. There were a few programs that you recently reviewed that I thought I’d check out when I had some free time [I’m sure you know what I mean] . Well, here I am with some time to spare and I’m searching for:

    1. An uninstaller that watches the installation as it happens to return the computer to the same state as it was before the program was installed.

    2. A program that could make almost any program portable.

    3. How to run android apps under windows.

    4. A program that allowed you to move programs installed on one computer [even GOTD] to another possibly upgraded computer .

    But, your search engine seems to be dead in the water.

  7. normofthenorth

    Is there any chance of getting the e-mail notifications to be helpful? Including the names of the programs would be a great start, and any more than that would be a bonus. I stopped visiting GotD a while back (around when Ashraf stopped posting there), and I’ve mostly been visiting here when a specific e-mail notification catches my eye. But now, every day’s e-mails are all the same, and none of them catches my eye because I have no idea what’s being offered. (If I had time and interest to visit every day, the DotD would suit me better.)

  8. alotojunk

    Hey, Ashraf – Thanks for all of the work that you put into your site. Your “Software of the Day” articles are great, and we all look forward to seeing more of them and hearing more from you!

  9. Ranjan

    I am glad that this is not a permanent thing and the site will return to it’s normal after sometime. :)
    I also agree with horsonovich (comment no. 6) that your insightful reviews is what make me come here. Thanks for the wonderful job you have been doing! :)
    I have read all the comments above and found that people really found useful stuffs in the […] of the day programme. Though I complained about it earlier, I will go through them to see if I can find anything useful. Seems like Mr Boss, Locutus, Robert and team are doing a good job here too. :)
    Thanks for everything. :)

  10. Mary

    Thank you Ashraf! I do remember you posting about “this time of year” before.

    For those of you who do not want all the emails, just go into your account and choose the ones you want, or do not want, to subscribe to. The link is in each email you get, at the bottom.

    Thanks for keeping the site active. I find the ‘Windows Of the Day’ articles very informative, and I too have used a few of the gems! :)

    Happy Dottech Hiatus Ashraf! :D

  11. Clockmendergb

    You have given me many opportunities to get the freebies in the last few years and am grateful to you Asfraf.
    In the time I have subscribed you have taken time for your own needs when neccarsary and returned a while later with the same if not more commitment to your site .
    Go take your time to do what is needed
    I will be happy to wait

  12. Daniel Lovejoy

    I have always appreciated any input you have, even if I don’t find it personally useful. I don’t have the time to do the research myself and you have saved me a lot of time and trouble over the years.
    When you went “silent” the last time, I was concerned. Were you sick, were you having a crisis, were you shutting down the site…. and when you started posting again I was very happy to see that.
    I like the new feature and hope you are able to continue it in the future. That being said, I’ve only found one app in all of those messages that I could fully utilize.

  13. jayesstee

    Thanks for the explanation. The new content is so much better than just the “quiet”. Also glad to know that you have a life outside – the amount of content you normally put in can’t leave much time! Good luck with your “other responsibilities”.

  14. Sue

    Sometimes we all have periods in our lives, be it annual or occasional, that turn our time and energies to other pursuits. I’m pretty busy myself, right now, due to a temporary life change. Because of this, I am having to skim my email and weed out those that I feel I can do without and I no longer have time to check a series of regular websites every day just for news that might be interesting to me. Because of this, your daily messages are usually among the first to get trashed because there is nothing in the Subject line to catch my attention or make me think you might have useful information for today.

    Mind you, I am NOT complaining – I just thought you might be interested in why this one reader is no longer opening your daily messages. Time will pass. Our situations will change and I may eventually have time again to open generic messages or you may have time to add information in the Subject line about the contents of your messages. Knowing this, I am certainly not unsubscribing – just not reading right now. I appreciate what you do.

  15. Commonkore

    I can’t really add anything to what has already been articulated. I thoroughly enjoy this site and appreciate all that you, Ashraf, and your team have and continue to do for us techies. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful summer.

  16. Zapped Sparky

    The software of the day is keeping things ticking along just fine, thanks to Locutus there’s a couple of programs I’ve found handy and keeps me visiting the site every day. Thanks for the update and I look forward to your return Mr Boss :)

  17. JonathanP

    Thanks for the update Ashraf.

    I’m sorry to hear that you are busy with other things. However, I appreciate that you are keeping dottech alive as a resource and even providing a trickle of good stuff until you and others can restore the myriad of valuable information that usually populates this site.

  18. horseonovich

    As always, love the site and (as I mentioned a few days ago), always appreciate the apps o/t day.

    I do miss your informative and interesting posts on GAOTD (that is how I found dotTech, by the way —when you stopped I asked others what happened to you, and they pointed me to the site).

    GAOTD is not the same without your daily posts that more or less “lay down the law”, be it favorable or unfavorable, on all those “tom, dick and harry” apps that get offered. Without your refreshing insights, I find that I simply don’t trust GAOTD as much any more.

    Thanks, though, and many of us appreciate your efforts.

  19. mukhi

    whether you spend substantial time with us or not, dottech is still a great resource. i don’t even get time to visit dottech frequently, however, when i can, i can always find some awesome advice/app. cheers.

  20. tat2jr

    Thanks for the heads up. I was wondering what was going on. BTW, I’ve found a few great programs in the discoveries. Great addition to the site, and great filler for the lull! Thanks.

  21. Farzad Alipour

    i discovered your website few month back, added your RSS feeds to my Google Reader and i was wondering why no special updates are coming to the website.
    thanks for letting us know and looking forward to the comeback ;)