Moved to a new host – dry run – please provide feedback.

Hello all.

I just moved to a new host. I had to shell out more cash for this host so please provide me feedback on if this is faster or not.

Also, please tell me if you find any broken links or images or posts, etc.



P.S. You can always help lessen the load of hosting by donating =). Even a dollar helps – everything is appreciated! No I am not shy to ask for money.

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  1. Ashraf

    Thanks for that Jean. This new host gives pretty good speeds for shared hosting. As a side note, I have another surprise up my sleeve that I will probably reveal tomorrow inshAllah.

  2. Ashraf

    Are you joking or are you serious? This is blazing fast.

    Jean, do me a favor. Go to start menu -> start. Type in cmd and type in ping Tell me what your min, max and average pings are.

  3. David Roper

    Under home/Archive/freebies there are comments which light up blue when passed over but only two or three lines of the comments are visible. Can you make it so that pressing ENTER when it’s lighted blue will allow me to read the whole comment? Dunno if that’s worth it or if possible. Just dreaming.