PoliticallyMotivated.net has been replaced by dotTech.org!

Hello everyone,

Recall when you first visited PoliticallyMotivated.net and you thought “Oh god why did I come to a politics website?”. Then you noticed that PMnet had nothing to do with politics at all – at that point you must of been thinking “Ashraf is a moron”.

Well as I have said PoliticallyMotivated.net was never intended as a politics blog; rather the domain was supposed to be a joke for a personal blog. But ever since PMnet turned into a popular technology blog the name “PoliticallyMotivated.net” became less of a joke and more of a barrier. Thus I made the executive decision to change the website name from PoliticallyMotivated.net to dotTech.org. I find dotTech.org will be a more appropriate domain/website name for this blog – what do you think?

For some housekeeping if you will be so kind, please:

  • If you subscribed to the RSS feed, change the RSS feed subscription to reflect the new URL. You can find the new URL at the top right of this webpage.
  • If you are subscribed to receive email notifications, please add admin@dottech.org to your safe/white list, to ensure our emails don’t get marked as spam, because that is where you will be getting emails from now on.
  • Please report any broken links/images that you find.


Note: You can still go to PoliticallyMotivated.net to access this blog – you will just be forwarded here.

P.S. New host…new domain – it costs money! While dotTech.org/PoliticallyMotivated.net will always be a free service inshAllah, any sort of donation to off set the costs associated with this blog is greatly appreciated. Even a dollar helps! However if you don’t want to/cannot donate, there is no pressure what so ever so don’t feel bad if you don’t.

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  1. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    Thank you for the heads up – I just noticed this myself.

    If I can be so bold, I am guessing that the person/people who have been constantly spamming this blog are the ones that have rated it so low (I am not talking about spam bots – this is actual people).

    PoliticallyMotivated.net was rated as “Excellent” is all categories but I think that people have not had enough time/don’t know they have to rate dotTech.org to off set the few bad and incorrect ratings.

    I contacted WOT and hopefully they can clear this up. Thanks again.

    The timezone is MST (UTC -7).

  2. Anonymous

    Ashraf, WOT (Web of Trust) marks you as dangerous in “vendor reliability” and “privacy.” You might want to contact them and clear up this misunderstanding, because I know that PM.net/DT.org are absolutely clean! :) BTW, what time zone are the comments’ time-stamp?

  3. Kev93

    I do! Nice switch! I only wish you had sent that email from your old domain. It was only after I realized that the latest spam attack and my browser hijacking were from the same domain that I realized my mistake. :-D

  4. Taz

    “….and you thought “Oh god why did I come to a politics website?”.”

    Ashraf – how did you read my mind? As I recall I almost didn’t visit the first time because of the name. Good Move on the rename.

  5. Ardwych

    “Recall back to when you first visited ..” Huh??
    You mean as opposed to ‘recall forward’?
    ‘Recall when you first visited ..’ is quite sufficient.
    Let’s keep language simple.