Vote for as the “Best Geek Blog” at Blogger’s Choice Awards =).

I recently just entered in the running for the “Best Geek Blog” for 2009 at Blogger’s Choice Awards. If you agree, please go vote for us please =). The results (and winners) will be announced late in 2009 (for ’08 they were announced in October).

To vote you will have to register (unfortunately). You are asked some personal information while registering. It is up to you how accurate the information is that you enter. However, as a general rule of thumb, you should not give out your date of birth on the Internet; your date of birth is very personal information that you want to keep safe. I highly suggest that you think twice before you enter your birthday on any website, including Blogger’s Choice Awards. However just make sure you are truthful about being above 13 years old for Blogger’s Choice Awards since that is one of their requirements for voting.

(This has got to be the shortest post I have ever made.)

Update: 20 votes so far – splendid! Thanks to everyone that votes!

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  1. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    Liam K,

    I don’t know. TBH I never ever enter my real birthday when signing up online (unless it is for a specific paid service with a trustworthy company).

    If you don’t want to register it is NP.