Run Palm OS apps on Android or iOS with StyleTap emulator

Just can’t let go of those Palm OS apps? Then make way for StyleTap, an emulator that allows users to run Palm OS apps on Android or iOS.

StyleTap, which costs US$49.95, is a Palm OS emulator that allows users to run Palm OS 5.2 or earlier apps on Android or iOS; it also supports Palm OS apps that run on native ARM code. If you want to run StyleTap on Android you will need an Android 2.0 or higher device. If you want to run StyleTap on iOS, you will need a jailbroken iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad running iOS 3, 4, or 5.

StyleTap for Android and iOS does have some limitations, such as Bluetooth not being supported for Palm apps running on Android, and there are semi-detailed instructions you need to read to learn how to use StyleTap. However, if you insist on legacy Palm apps on new hardware, StyleTap may just be worth your $50. (Be sure to download the 14-day trial before shelling out money so as to test the software.)

StyleTap for Android | StyleTap for iOS

[via Engadget]

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  1. Butch

    Yup. Wrong.
    There is no Android app, to my knowledge, that will allow you to create relational databases on the Android, sync with Quicken or money, create lists or outlines that can sync with a desktop application.
    So far all of the list applications, shopping applications on Android suck.

    And there are so many other little things that I am one the freaks out here who currently carry both devices.

    Yes, a Palm Pilot emulation application would be great but I doubt if it would sync with my PC.

    I’ll stand pat and with Pumlical coming out with an Android version I’ll be much happier.

  2. Scoox

    No it doesn’t. There is no equivalent app for Ilium’s ListPro, a powerful database/outliner/list maker, and there is no equivalent app for TikTok, a multiple timer app. Both of these are my most used apps, so I am still using my Palm device.

  3. leland

    StyleTap began life on the Windows Mobile platform. As such it has been in development for many years and should be considered a fairly stable piece of software. I have not used it myself but a friend used it on Windows Mobile and it worked surprisingly well. As someone who moved to Android from the Palm platform I might consider it to get access to some of my old apps and data. However most of what I would have wanted is already on my Android device so for me it comes a bit to late to be useful.