Blizzard Entertainment chimes in on the “Windows 8 is a catastrophe” bandwagon, says it is “not awesome for Blizzard either”

You know that Gabe Newell “Windows 8 is a catastrophe” outburst dotTech posted about earlier? Yeah, well, Blizzard Entertainment, the company that brings us gaming titles such as World of Warcraft, Diablo III, and Starcraft 2, just liked it.

Blizzard Entertainment’s Executive Vice President of Game Design Rob Pardo tweeted the following earlier this week:

nice interview with Gabe Newell – “I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space* – not awesome for Blizzard either

“Now awesome for Blizzard either”? Ouch. Things aren’t looking great for Microsoft.

It isn’t entirely clear why Blizzard is objecting to Windows 8 but it probably has to do with the 20-30% cut Microsoft will take from Windows Store sales. Although, it should be mentioned, Blizzard is unlikely to run its game in Metro so Blizzard won’t be required to sell its software in the Windows Store; after all, Blizzard is already very popular in the gaming community and probably won’t need to distribute through the Store to get sales.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Fayazdo

    From a business point of view there is nothing wrong with Microsoft. They’re in the business of making money, nothing else. No big deal I think, at least from that point of view.

    From a human point of view there is nothing right with Microsoft. They’re in the business of making money, nothing else. No big deal I think if it was something like earning a “good honest living”, and this is where Microsoft goes the bad way. I believe like black and white, pepper and salt, making profit has as opponent making a loss. The way MS has been working is by crushing opposing forces. And they got the money to buy their own truth. They lied about Linux, said it would never work on an intelligent phone. Guess what, Android, which is a Linux, totally owns intelligent phone’s right now. Why then did they say it ? Because they do not care about the truth; their truth is their money and that what can be bought with it.

    It is no coincidence that in Windows 8 there will be something they call the Metro GUI. They are trying to copy Apple’s IPhone interface and more important: Apple’s full control of all applications that can be used on their operating system. That way MS will try to get rid of things like ‘open source’ and ‘freeware’. Under the pretense of security they will want to get full control over every aspect of your digital life at home.

    Why now ? It’s only been six months or so since the 14 years of US Federal Justice control over MS has been lifted. I dare to say that they (MS) where waiting with implementing this full control system until the control was lifted. Don’t forget that the records show that MS is always trying to see if they can cheat at doing business. They had to pay huge fines to the EU and to the US government in the past and I’m sure also in the present there will be on-going court cases.

    MS has no creativity, so they just buy it. You come up with something better then they do ? They buy you and make it disappear. Why ? Because they can.

    In my opinion MS is just as much a part of the cause of the financial crisis as Lehman Brothers. It’s the attitude that matters. Setting the wrong example in this world.

    Am I allowed to say this ?

    P.S. Blizzard is no better then MS, so they shouldn’t complain. Try to submit a ticket with them. You’ll get a copy/pasted answer.

  2. Coyote

    Sadly by past examples, by the time 9 or 10 is out 8 will have been patched and updated enough to make it usable (2k, XP, Vista, anybody?). Why they don’t just wait an extra year or 2 is beyond me. An OS should be a staple, a standard, a known and understandable entity. By changing every year they show profit is their only concern, they learned they can’t charge $300~$500 for an OS that will be defunct in a few years. So now they charge $20… hmm maybe 9 ‘will’ be out by the end of the year and 10 sometime next spring.

  3. DoktorThomas

    There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that has few if any original ideas. There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that consistently releases software PC owners hate. (Let us not forget that stellar achievement, winME–Millions of Errors.) There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that repackages old code with additional bloat and calls it “new”. There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that doesn’t understand its users. There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that doesn’t evolve. There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that releases more security updates for its products than it has outlets. There is something wrong with a company, MSFT, that has its code as pervasively dispersed as winOS and that code is not in the public domain. Where’s the DOJ and an anti-trust action?

    (No win OS has ever been worth more than $20.)

    With all of the millions of code writers out there, why hasn’t someone written a viable alternate PC OS?

    Why would any sane person buy a newly released OS from MSFT? Why do software writers bother with new PC OS releases until they have been out, patched, for years?

    Can’t we all just ignore win8? Opt for 9 or 11…