Hey, hey the gang’s all here.

So whats up? How is everybody? I am back home – time to resurrect dotTech.

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  1. hahaguy

    It’s good to see you back. How was your holiday? Mine wasn’t that good…how can it be with all that studying (I have exams currently till next week) Anyway, have you heard the news about the death of Michael Jackson (aka Mikael Jackson)? Sad, isn’t it? No matter whether he was a child molester or not, the fact is we have just lost a great artiste (the King of Pop)..

  2. Bella

    Praise the Lord, Your back!!!! Nice to have you home!! Hope you had a Wonderful time! Fireworks are really gonna shine now, So Glad to have ya home Ashraf. And HAPPY 4th To You and Yours!!!! :) ;):);):) ;)