Leave Windows Calculator behind and use SpeedCrunch instead

Windows Calculator provides you with a fair amount of functionality in terms of mathematical computational needs. However it is an annoying piece of **** to use. One of my biggest grips with Windows Calculator is that you can’t see the computations you did before or the ones you are doing now. Well good thing there is an open source Windows Calculator replacement called SpeedCrunch (thx Liam!):


The best way I can describe SpeedCrunch is to say SpeedCrunch is a graphing calculator while Windows Calculator is on the levels of a standard/scientific calculator. For those that have never used a graphing calculator, my previous statement is probably meaningless. So let me explain why SpeedCrunch is superior to Windows Calculator:

  • The ability to see what calculations you are doing


  • The ability to store and display the calculations you have already finished (keep a history)


You can recall any computations or results from the history by simply clicking on them.

  • The ability to insert 50+ functions


  • The ability to create, use, and store unlimited variables


  • Color coded syntax and parenthesis highlighting


  • Built in constants and a simple “math book” for some popular equations



In addition to the already mentioned, SpeedCrunch supports up to 50 decimal places and is extremely keyboard friendly (you can type everything in and use shortcuts if you wish – never have to even touch your mouse). There are also a few more features I did not talk about like the ability to save/load sessions, work in radians or decimals, etc.

To top it all off, SpeedCrunch works on Windows, Linux, Mac OX and comes in a portable version. What more can anyone ask for? You can download SpeedCrunch from the following link:

***SpeedCrunch System Requirements

  • Pentium-compatible processor
  • RAM minimum 32 MB
  • Hard disk space 16 MB
  • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista or Linux (32- and 64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.3/10.4/10.5

Click here to visit the download page

Click here to download SpeedCrunch

Click here to download the portable version (Windows)

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  1. toto

    Hi, I use Moffsoft Free Calculator and speedcrunch calculator. But, I think Speedcruch calcutare have more feature than Moffsoft Free Calculator.
    But that two software is great.. :)

  2. Ozzie

    I also just stumbled across a great little freeware program called Breaktru Percent that does instant percentage calculations. Might be of use to some people who are as mathematically disinclined as myself.

  3. pceasies

    Dang. . . The calc in Windows 7 can do unit conversions now. . .

    Google Calculator is good aswell. . .
    but. . .
    Bing can do algebra and use variables –

    5x – 3 = 3x + 1
    And it finds x=2

  4. hahaguy

    Erm, great review Ashraf…but I doubt I will be using this…in fact, I have no use for this. I dun even use Windows Calculator or any other third-party calculator. Google ‘calculator’? yeah, i have used that before but as far as i remember thrice only…

    Liam K said, ‘this might come in handy for some classes or a college student, though’

    well, honestly speaking, I have never seen a student used a “computer calculator” before (at least here in Singapore, my country)…I myself am a 2nd year polytechnic student and have always ‘relied’ upon real-life scientific calculators…they are just much better in my opinion…

  5. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    So just divide and multiply. Keeping with your example, (12/72)*100, (26/72)*100, etc. That will give you the percentages of how many people said X and how many people said Y.

  6. Ozzie

    Hi Ashraf. So I have numbers of people who answered each question a certain way. Say of 72 people surveyed, 12 answered one way, 26 answered another way, etc. But I want to represent that as X percentage of people said this and X percentage of people said that. Does SpeedCrunch have an option to input such figures and give percentages? I know it’s probably the most simple of calculations, but I don’t know the equation.

  7. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Ozzie: Um convert figures into percents? As in divide? I assume you are trying to figure out much percent of group A voted this and group B this. Just divide o_o’. Sorry I know this answer is not much help but I am not sure what you need.

  8. Ozzie

    Hi guys. Does SpeedCrunch do easy percentages? I am in the process of interpreting a survey we just did and I need to convert the figures into percentages. Or alternatively, does anyone know a simple mathematical equation to do this? Sorry, but maths was never my strong point …

  9. Janet

    Can both Moffsoft and SpeedCrunch be used like an adding machine? I’ve been wanting to get an adding machine for work, so if they can, it would save a lot of $….I need the printed column of figures it adds up for my records. Sounds like these apps will do the trick….:-)…

  10. Kenny


    Sorry guys, it looks like your looking for a calculator that will do everything, including the dishes, and ” Moffsoft,” is just a nice and neat little calculator. My bad, I’ll read the whole article the next time.

  11. Liam K

    You’re welcome for the suggestion, but I actually found that I don’t really have a need for this.

    I use Windows Calculator and Google for most calculations on the computer; for others I use a real-life calculator. I can see how this might come in handy for some classes or a college student, though.