“Save your work” [Comic]

You have been working diligently on something (assignment, project, etc.) for the past few hours and are almost finished. You keep thinking to yourself: “I’m almost done, there is no need to save now — I’ll save when I finish, what is the worst that can happen.” Then, all of a sudden out of nowhere, the program you are working in crashes or, better yet, your computer crashes. And you lose everything. Oh. Sh!t.

If the above story sounds familiar, you will enjoy the following comic by Something of that Ilk:

Side note: The above comic reminds me of the time I tried to perform a Ctrl + F search on a piece of paper. Yeah…

[via Something of that Ilk]

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  1. meldasue

    I want to tape this to the monitor of several of my coworkers, who never save, lose their work and then expect me to spend time trying to resurrect the document that they’ve just spent ‘hours’ on. Um, not once could you hit that little ‘save’ icon in two hours? Grrrr.