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Leaked photos show fully-assembled iPhone 5 vs iPhone 4 vs iPhone 3G

Posted By Ashraf On September 1, 2012 @ 7:00 PM In iOS | 7 Comments


iPhone 5 [2] will (supposedly) hit the world in roughly 20 days yet iPhone 5 rumors never cease. French blog NoWhereElse.fr has gotten hold of photos leaked by Chinese company iColorOS that appear to be of a fully-assembled iPhone 5 compared to iPhone 4/4S and iPhone 3G/3GS.

Looking at the photos, the iPhone 5 appears to have a larger screen and is taller and skinner than the predecessors. iPhone 5 appears to have its front-camera moved to the middle of the device above the front ear piece as opposed to iPhone 4’s left-of-ear-piece positioning. The back camera and flash on the iPhone 5 look to be of different quality than the one on iPhone 4/4S (hopefully better quality) with some unidentified circular shape sitting in between them. The back of the iPhone 5 is missing the traditional text printed on the bottom half of iPhones [3] but it does have a black Apple logo and comes in a grayish steel and black color tone. Check it all out for yourself:







Maybe it is the affect of seeing the iPhone 5 next to an iPhone 4 but to me the iPhone 5 looks a bit weird — weirdly tall. Also, I hope the colors will change before iPhone 5 hits mass market otherwise this may be the ugliest iPhone to date. Feel free to share your thoughts on this matter in the comments [10] below.

[via Forbes [11] | Images via NoWhereElse [12]]

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