EASEUS Todo Backup: excellent freeware system (image) backup utility

I am sure many of you have read my post on 7 free software to image/backup/ghost your computer (free alternatives to Acronis True Image, Norton Ghost, etc.). For those that have not, you really should. In my post I explained the difference between file backup and image backup software (keep in mind the differences between the two type of backup software are quickly becoming “gray” instead of black and white as developers continue to add new features to their programs… features that may or may not venture into non-native territories if you get what I mean) and also pointed out which image backup software, in my opinion, was the best freeware one out there (at the time of that post).

Well recently EASEUS, the developer of the famous (and freeware) EASEUS Partition Manager software, released a freeware image backup software that goes by the name of EASEUS Todo Backup:


At first when I found out about this software I thought “great… just another backup software”. However when I looked more into it, the software impressed me a fair bit with all its features. In fact it impressed me so much that it may end up challenging Macrium Reflect Free for the throne of best freeware image backup software. D-d-d-d-d-d-d-duel!

To start off with the obvious, Todo Backup has a really nice interface – very aesthetically pleasing – and yet uses minimal computer resources while running (sitting idle). Beneath the beautiful exterior lie handy features that make this software an excellent weapon of choice if you ever have the need for a freeware image backup software:


Besides the obvious image backup and restore features (and everything related to them such as compression of backup images, encryption, etc.) of this software, I would like to point out Todo Backup allows you to

  1. Migrate from a smaller to a bigger hard drive via the “Clone Disk” feature;
  2. Actively view and copy individual files from backups.

Come on you gotta admit: for a freeware utility, Todo Backup has very nice features.

As for the performance of this software, it does not hog an unfair amount of computer resources (idle, backing up, restoring, etc.), it works fairly fast (backing up, restoring, etc.), and compression is done at a good rate.

In terms of Macrium Reflect Free vs EASEUS Todo Backup, my preliminary findings suggests there is no clear winner (as of yet – inshAllah I plan on making a more detailed Macrium vs EASEUS post with concrete data/numbers in a few days when I get my hands on some extra hard drive space). Sometimes EASEUS creates a backup faster, sometimes Macrium does. Sometimes EASEUS has better compression, sometimes Macrium does. The only real concrete pro/con I can give right now is EASEUS has a better looking interface. However, these are only “preliminary” findings so don’t hold me to them. As I said I plan a more in depth and accurate comparison soon. My point is it is truly a toss up, in my opinion, between Macrium and EASEUS as to which is the king of freeware image backup software. Update: After using EASEUS Todo Backup a little, I have come to the conclusion as of right now, Macrium Reflect Free is more of a mature program in general. However EASEUS Todo Backup can restore images to different hard drives while Macrium Reflect Free cannot (yet).

Now for all the sha-bang of Todo Backup, there are two things I find very annoying:

  1. When creating a backup, after you select where you want to save the image, the “Next” button is grayed out. It is kind of confusing what you must do to make the “Next” button clickable. You need to physically type in a name of the backup at the end of the save file path thingy. Confusing I know.
  2. Todo Backup does not give you any sort of estimate on what the size of your end image file will be. I dislike that.

Also, since this is freeware and not shareware/paid-ware, it is missing out on some features, like different methods of backup or automatic backups, that you would find in commercial software such as Acronis True Image. But in the end, all things considered, EASEUS Todo Backup is one fine piece of work. Well worth your time if you need something of the kind.

You can download EASEUS Todo Backup from the following link:

EASEUS Todo Backup works on Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008

Click here to download EASEUS Todo Backup

P.S. Just as a point of hubris, I did a little digging and it seems dotTech is the first major technology blog/website (besides file hosting websites) that is bringing light to EASEUS Todo Backup. Woot! Thanks Peter!

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  1. drwain

    Failed and Zero Support
    I have taken both (2) System Backups and a File & Partition Backup and neither will restore or recover at all.
    EaseUs support – after asking the obvious questions and stating to try things again – comes down to ‘Sorry for the inconvenience’. Look through their forum and you find this quote many many times.
    Do not trust your data with this product. When you need it it will fail you.

  2. Craig

    I just cloned my new 300GB HD from a 100GB HD using EASEUS Todo. There was 50GB of used space on the old 100GB drive. Figuring it would take several hours to clone, I left and went to dinner. Got back home 2 hours later and the job was done. Turns out it took ONLY 1hr and 20 mins to complete the task. I was truly amazed on how easy EASEUS Todo is to use. I am using the laptop now that I did this on and have had absolutely no problems! I intend to do this to all 8 of my computers and use the old drives as back-ups.

  3. wenddle

    Thanks for the information. But i think our author should upgrade the content about easeus todo backup, because i know taht easeus has released another version of todo backup home, which has more powerful funtions, such as incremental backup, schedule backup, universal restore, winpe bootable disk and so on. I have been their favourite customer since i always like testing their new products and give them useful feedback. So i want more people to know about this good backup software.

  4. brian

    Thanks for the great article!
    Now that I have many backups I need to delete some of them.
    However, I can’t see it covered in the help file.
    I would appreciate if you could explain how it should be done.

  5. Wheezer

    (Caution, sarcasim follows)

    Hey, thanks Ashraf. I finally went out and spent the money on a Seagate 1Tb external hard drive with the intention of using some of that space to do an image of my computer’s hard drive. Just to cover my backside and to make it easier to get all the programs back faster.

    My plan was to download Macrium, but when I came to dottech.org to find a download link, I came across this article! You’re giving me a headach! I don’t know which one to get now. I’m so confused!….. ;-)

    (End sarcasim)

    But really, thanks for bringing another option to light. I probably won’t decide which one to download for another day or two. Both seem to have good points that the other doesn’t. Comes down to personal choice I guess.

    Have a great day!

  6. Chenghong

    Steve, when you select backup image location, the default path is the same as the last setting and the default file name is MyBackup.pbd. If you change the path, you must input a file name. Todo Backup cannot save the image file to online, after you back up to the local disk, you can upload it to online.
    More information about Backup, please see: http://www.todo-backup.com/products/features/backup-drive-and-partition.htm
    Thank you for your information, we will improve our product in the future.
    Wish you have a good day.

  7. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Path-Finder: First of all, calm down. My whole one line about being first was said in a joking manner. Look up what “hubris” means, combine it with context clues and you will understand.

    Secondly, if you weren’t so full of yourself you would see my post has a time stamp on it.

    Lastly, until you come to me with concrete proof that what I said is wrong, I am going to delete your posts because you are just a spammer. I googled it and found nothing before I posted. Time stamps can be changed. Give me proof or go home.

    @Ozzie: Don’t let him get to you Ozzie. :)

  8. Ozzie

    :( Pathfinder: Seriously, haven’t you got anything better to do with your life and your time? I think it’s kind of sad that this is how you spend your days. You have realised, haven’t you, that there are a whole lot of big, important things happening in the world? How about you take all that energy and passion and turn them into something positive for everyone.

    And how about you leave off Ashraf, who – more than he even would know, I suspect – is helping countless people around the world every day.

    Give it a rest, hey. There’s just no point. You’re not going to find any supporters in this space, ok.

  9. Path-Finder

    #Ashraf: Yea Google also revealed me that the oldest post was made on 29th of July, 2009 about EaseUs ToDo BackUp. Truth is really bitter that is why you are not showing the time. On the other hand what the hell with bloggers like you when someone is not agree, you type people always think he is some opposite blogger? Get some peace in mind. I know this competition is very tough among you bloggers and you want to show others that you have some guts but it will not work like this if you blame something which is not infact. So, the truth is you are not the first one to write about it. You may say that you may be the first in english bloggers but you are not the first one overall even in major blogs. 3 french blogs, 3 german blogs, 1 swedish blog and 1 finnnish blogs which I know have posted before you and these non english blogs are really major blogs cuz they have atleast 20times more reader than you. So, get life and prove your claim from Google.
    Take Care

    “@Path-Finder: I said one of the first “major” ones. You are welcome to show me which other “major” website wrote about it first. By “major” I mean gets more than a handful of readers a day (sorry if I offended your blog but the truth hurts). A simple Google search revealed this to me.”

  10. Steve

    @Ashraf, with all due respect I would disagree (perhaps, I am spoiled with Ghost 2003 Enterprise, which allowed to use any bootable backup disk to create another one if needed, so backup disk could be used as data and a tool). Also, I prefer to make copies when windows is shut down, I believe it to be safer.

  11. paf

    Ashraf, the cropped post doesn’t appear anymore, but it was here some hours ago. It was placed between your reply to Steve and the post from Path-finder. As I told you, I don’t know who posted it, and I don’t know the intention, but as it was placed immediately before Path-finder’s I thought there was some kind of connection. That’s why I’ve decided to post the entire comment. I totally agree with Ozzie, and I dislike some kind of comments, which reveals bad taste, rude manners and are a waste of time.
    P.S.: I’m sorry about my English, but it is not my native language.

  12. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Steve: Well the purpose of a bootable disc is to able to restore your computer from a backup because you are unable to access your computer normally (and/or you can access it normally but you just want to do an easy restore). Creating a backup via the bootable media is kind of counter productive. So I think it is by design.

  13. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @paf: I am afraid you lost me. I don’t understand what you mean by “I am posting this just because someone (I don’t know who) posted here a (cropped) comment I’ve made today in Raymond’s site.” I don’t see anyone posting your comment here.

  14. Ashraf
    Author/Mr. Boss

    @Path-Finder: I said one of the first “major” ones. You are welcome to show me which other “major” website wrote about it first. By “major” I mean gets more than a handful of readers a day (sorry if I offended your blog but the truth hurts). A simple Google search revealed this to me.

    @Ozzie: Thanks Ozzie.

  15. paf

    Hi Ashraf, glad to see you are doing reviews again. I am posting this just because someone (I don’t know who) posted here a (cropped) comment I’ve made today in Raymond’s site. My comment was meant to help other people, giving them information about the Easeus company and their products, information I had seen in your site and in Gizmo’s, because it seemed to me that some people were having doubts about the credibility of the company. Since someone used my comment, I think I should post it here, complete:

    “Thanks Sibill
    I think it is worthy to give it a try, at least Gizmo presents the partition manager software as a good one and does not mention any problem with the fact that comes from a Chinese manufacturer …
    # Luisc, you can also check the Gizmo’s comparison of paragon and easeus partition managers.
    Besides, Ashraf (Dotech.org) states “EASEUS Todo Backup: excellent freeware system (image) backup utility”, and I have absolute confidence on Ashraf advices: http://dottech.org/freewaresr/7896.
    So, thanks a lot once more, Sibill”

    I don’t understand why someone is using my comment…
    Take care, and keep you good work, my friend.


  16. Ozzie

    Hey Path-Finder, chill ok. Since when did Ashraf claim that he was the first to write about it? Re-read the posting. Nothing of that sort was ever said. So watch yourself, ok. And have some respect for someone who does all this on his own time for the benefit of we, his appreciative readers. How bloody rude!

  17. Steve

    Morning Ashraf!

    Two thoughts on the sha-bang of Todo Backup,

    1. When creating a backup, after you select where you want to save the image, the “Next” button is grayed out. It is kind of confusing what you must do to make the “Next” button clickable. You need to physically type in a name of the backup at the end of the save file path URL thingy. Confusing I know.

    When you mention URL It sounds like your Image is saved online? Would that be a true statement?


    2. Todo Backup does not give you any sort of estimate on what the size of your end image file will be. I dislike that.

    I dislike it also…..I seem to recall, Macrium, also doesn’t give estimates.