dotTech e-mails have been restored, this is what you missed *Updated*

Hello dotTechies,

The e-mail ban issue mentioned yesterday has been resolved and my host has restored access to port 25. This means dotTech e-mails will resume from now onwards. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to take this moment to remind you to please *not* mark dotTech e-mails as spam. If you don’t want our e-mails, simply unsubscribe.

Update: There is still an article email backlog that is slowly clearing. When it clears, e-mails will be operating as normal.

For those of you e-mail reliant fiends, I’m sure you didn’t troll over here yesterday without getting an e-mail. So the following is a list of all articles posted yesterday that you might have missed. Enjoy!

Over and out.

-Mr. Boss


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  1. RobCr

    Would it be possible to have a preferences page in our ‘Profile’ ?

    If you came up with a category system for the emails, we could opt in, for the ones we are interested in.
    Say you had a category for Apple, and perhaps sub categories for iPhone, etc.
    I would ensure none of mine were ticked, and thus would avoid all Apple emails.

    If the ‘Profile’ idea cannot work with your hosting system, perhaps come up with 2 letter categories, that are placed at the front (left) of the email Subject.
    EG AP (Apple Phone) AM (Apple Mac)

    At the moment, I have to mouse over the subject, to get a tooltip, and then carefully navigate from left of the Subject, to the rightmost visible text (of the subject), so that the extreme right of the Tooltip becomes visible for me.

    Sorry, if this request appears ungrateful.