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“The iPhone 5 is such a disappointment” [Comic]

Posted By Ashraf On September 15, 2012 @ 2:30 AM In Miscellaneous | 7 Comments

Ever notice whenever a new iPhone [1] comes out there is a group of people that cannot stop praising it [2] and there is a group of people who cannot stop hating it. …Then there is a group of people that secretly wish they had an iPhone and thus voice their jealousy by ragging on Apple [3] and the device? You know, like the following:


The look on the Fandroid’s face at the end of the comic makes me really LOL. Oh, and for the record, I feel the iPhone 5 [5] is a disappointment, too. I may write a piece on that in a few days, in fact.

[via Joy of Tech [6]]

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