[Windows] Love photographing but hate the blur? Magically deblur photos with Blurity

The future is here! Instead of coming in the form of hoverboards and hovercars, however, it came in the form of magic: the magic to unblur blurry photographs. For many years, computer scientists have been coming up with algorithms to deblur photographs, but none of them ever made it into a commercial product. Now, there are two programs with the deblur feature built-in. There’s the $700 Photoshop, or the free-with-upgrade Blurity.

Blurity feels like it’s magic. Watch this short video, created by the developer, that shows off the deblur capabilities:

One thing to note with Blurity is that it does not fix the less-common focus blur. It only fixes motion blur, created when you move your camera while it’s taking a picture. This is great, as that’s the majority of what causes blurs: taking photos in low lighting.

The basic version of Blurity is free. This leaves a watermark on the deblurred image when previewing or exporting. The full version, which doesn’t leave the rather large and aggressive wattermark, is $39. If you are constantly messing up photos with blur, Blurity is an amazing tool, and definitely one you should consider buying.

Price: $39, or free with watermark

Version discovered: v1.2.123

Supported OS: Windows XP+, OS X 10.6.8+

Download size: 35.5MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: N/A — file too big

Portability: Requires installation

Blurity homepage

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  1. Linda

    Wow… appears to be a handy program altho the Watermark is an issue… however, it sure beats Photoshop’s price.. and not everyone uses Photoshop either… May look into getting this down the road when I have more time…

    Thanx for sharing… =}