This newly discovered Lesula monkey from Africa looks like it could be from an animated movie [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Recently scientists discovered a new monkey species in Africa; more specifically, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This species, named Lesula, is only the second monkey discovery (no pun intended) in the past 28 years, so it is definitely a huge thing in scientific circles. I, however, am less fascinated in how long it took those slackers to find a new species and more amazed by how this monkey looks.

While I can’t put my figure on it, I swear I’ve seen this monkey before in some animated film. Check it out:

If you know which movie character this monkey resembles, please do let me know. The itch is killing me here.

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  1. sragan5

    Well, for me, this sad sack monkey kind of looks like Nemo, from “Finding Nemo”. Or, in real life, John Tuturro, the actor who plays Adrian Monk’s brother or also Prince Charles. I do apologize to both the Prince and Mr. Tuturro.