A dragon smiles in the clouds [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Are dragons real? Yes Who knows. If dragons were real, what would they look like? Elongated face with large teeth and a short goatee? (Hey, don’t question my imagination.) I really don’t have any answers when it comes to dragons but check out the following photograph and let me know what you think:

If dragons were real, couldn’t that be one? Doesn’t that look like a dragon smile? Come onnnn, use your imagination here.

For what it is worth, the above photo is supposedly real and not photoshopped; it is a snap of “supercell thunderstorm” above Ancona, Italy. I guess dragons aren’t real after all.

[via Facebook]

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  1. Eric989

    Wow, you actually managed to use the word pun in a sentence without lying. Seriously, 99.99% of the time somebody says “no pun intended” they actually were intending to pun. It is very similar to “No offense, but I am now going to say something terrible to offend you.”

  2. Eric989

    Don’t know where you can find the original set because I never saw them in the first place but the following Google searches might help:
    site:www.facebook.com supercell thunderstorm over ancona italy
    supercell thunderstorm over ancona italy facebook
    Strangely, this image received 385 comments on one Google+ page. I didn’t even know Google+ had that many people. LOL

  3. Jon

    I checked out the “via facebook” link a few days ago and the other images were some of the best I’ve ever seen. But now the link results in “this content is currently unavailable”. Any clue how to reconnect with the facebook images?