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Amazing photo of a goat-shaped aurora borealis over Greenland [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Posted By Ashraf On October 3, 2012 @ 2:15 AM In Miscellaneous | 2 Comments

Here on dotTech we have featured a photo of an aurora borealis [1] before, and we aren’t strangers to odd phenomenon in the sky, dragons [2] or otherwise [3]. Despite all the exposure we have to amazing photos, the photo I have to share with you today might shock you.

The following is a photograph of an aurora borealis that appeared over Greenland during the Shelios Expedition this past August. “Shelios Expedition” is when a bunch of people gather in Greenland to view aurora borealises. (Aurora borealisi?) What makes this particular aurora so special? It is shaped like a bloody goat (minus the bloody part). Check it out:


I know you must be thinking it: photoshoppppppp. This isn’t photoshopped — it is real, folks. Amazing, isn’t it? It even has the goatee.

[via NASA [5] | image credit:  Juan Carlos Casado]

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