Bookmarks and browsing history come back to haunt [Comic]

I’m not really sure how to introduce or describe the following comic except by saying it provides a cheap laugh. It may not be the best comic I have found to date but it is still funny. At least I think so, anyway. Are you curious as to what comic I’m referring to? Check it out:

“Teletubbies Fan Club” — haha…

[via Joy of Tech]

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  1. Eric989

    @Mags: Ancient bookmarks? So I am guessing you have a bookmark titled “Construction begins on Great Pyramid in pictures!!!”
    No, seriously are you as bad as me and have exported sets of old bookmarks from old computers and multiple browsers. I have stuff like “Bookmark export from old compaq Firefox.html” along with bookmarks from 5 or so more browsers from multiple systems with no telling how many duplicates between them.