BlackBerry goes to therapy [Comic]

Poor BlackBerry. It used to be loved by the world, so much so that it was dubbed “crackberry” for those people who wouldn’t live without it. Now look at it. It is the butt of jokes, is hated by Wall Street, and ditched by most everyone except diehard fans. Sounds like BlackBerry needs some therapy. Check it out:

“I don’t feel comfortable with people knowing you’re still a patient of mine.” LMAO!

[via Joy of Tech]

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  1. Bull

    Well I’m not ashamed of being a BB user. It is still the best business phone out there. Although, the only reason that makes it the best business phone is their patented Email Push service.

    I’m a realtor so getting emails as soon as possible is a must for me. I’ll stick with BB unless another company can come up with an Email Push service as good as RIM.

    As for the comic, yeah I laughed. : )