WinPatrol Plus is available for just $0.99 for the next 24-hours, be quick [Tip]

WinPatrol is an excellent program that many dotTechies, including myself, are big fans of. If you have been using the freeware WinPatrol, this is your chance to upgrade to WinPatrol Plus for less than a dollar.

For roughly the next 24-hours (this sale ends Friday October 26 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time), WinPatrol Plus is on sale for just $0.99. This program is typically sold for $30 and is well worth every penny at that price. So at $0.99 this is something you should not give up. Hit up the links below to get started.

WinPatrol homepage | WinPatrol Plus purchase page

[Thanks Eric!]

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  1. mukhi

    aah, came in wrong time, better luck next time for me.
    i stopped using free version of this since it disturbed a lot but with today’s vulnerabilities and attacks, i would rather install free version again.
    looking for malwarebytes (my fav anti-malware) promo, too…LOL.

  2. Mags

    @Janet: I don’t remember where I got mine from (have had it for a number of years now), but I’ve never had a problem updating it. Current version is 25.X

    Have patience and keep trying to get this program. It is worth it.

    I already have a single license and at this price I’m trying to get a second license for my laptop, so I’m going to keep trying to get through.

    IMO the fact that it is hard to get through just shows how good and how popular this program is.