This is cheap, but funny, Windows 8 humor [Comic]

Windows 8 is out. One new feature included in Windows 8 is the new Start screen that has something called tiles. Among these tiles, there are “live tiles” which regularly and automatically update themselves to display varying information. Want to see (read?) some cheap Windows 8 humor? Check it out:


[via Geek and Poke]

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  1. AFPhys

    I do not recall ANY jokes being made about Windows XP – either early or later on. I don’t recall seeing any jokes about Win7. I do, however recall joking about Dos4 (before 4.1), Win3.0, ME, Vista. There were some nasties about NT, but that was entirely due to the newfangled NTFS disk file structuring that we op system hackers found much more difficult to get into than FAT, and those were lost on most users.

    All these type of Jokes being made about the Win8 op system seem an indication to me that it is going to be a failure in the marketplace.