This is how men clean their rooms [Comic]

If you are a guy, have male children, or are married to a man, then you know men are just naturally slobs. So when it comes to cleaning our rooms, we apply our slob principles. For example, when I have washed clothes that I should put away (in the closet or drawer), I simply throw the clothes on my bed. When I want to go to sleep, I take the clothes from my bed and throw them on my computer chair. When I wake up in the morning and need to use my computer, I take the clothes from my chair and throw them on my bed. The vicious cycle continues (potentially for days) until someone (note: not me) puts the clothes in their proper place.

If you know someone like me, then you will appreciate the following comic. Check it out:


[via Doghousediaries]

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  1. Mags

    “men are just naturally slobs” LOL you got that right. AND finally a man who admits it.

    That comic depicts my son to a T. Not only his cloths, but everything else is all over the place. He refers to it as organized confusion.

  2. meldasue

    Some of us girls are slobs, too! I just leave mine on the drying racks until I wear them. Otherwise, I do put them away, but only because they’d get mixed up with the dirty laundry. (Also, I have cats. Barfing cats.)