Lion and tiger pose for a family portrait [Amazing Photo of the Day]

I know, I know. It must seem like I am obsessed with big cats. I’m not. I have just happened to stumbled upon interesting wild cat photos. Well, actually, today’s photo is hardly what you could call wild.

Have you ever had a family portrait taken? Did you think family portraits are only for humans? Nonsense! A lion-tiger family like their photo shoots, too, silly. Check it out:

Yes, yes — I know what you must be thinking. Not only do a lion and tiger probably not belong to the same family but the above could easily be faked in Photoshop, and, even if it is real, it doesn’t mean this is a family portrait taken in a photographer’s studio. All I have to say is to such allegations are: don’t be jealous you never had such a nice family portrait taken.

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  1. Eric989

    While Ashraf has a hard time identifying cheetahs, I have a hard time differentiating male and female tigers because their manes don’t stand out near as much as lions’ do. I am guessing that that must be a female tiger because I can’t under any circumstances picture a male lion and a male tiger getting along.
    There are cruel zoos in certain parts of the world that sometimes put lions and tigers together just to see who will kill who. While tigers are bigger than lions, lions are insanely aggressive and will not back down from anything unless they are facing something huge like an elephant or herd of stampeding buffalo. From what I have read they have no problems getting them to kill each other, even to the point that multiple female lions will team up to take on a male tiger.
    @Mags: Actually a liger is the offspring of a male lion and a female tiger. There is also a tiglon that is the offspring of a female lion and a male tiger. They are very different and are usually sterile. Ligers are probably more popular due to a gene defect that makes them grow uncontrollably. They can get huge and dwarf their parents but they are pretty useless because they are so slow and clumsy.
    There are even more bizarre cross breeds such as leopons and lipards from lions and leopards. Some of these can have offspring with other crossbreeds and produce part lion, part leopard, and part jaguar breeds. The following wikipedia article has a good table that shows a bunch of possible tiger, lion, leopard, jaguar combinations and their respective names.
    Probably the most bizarre looking of these is the leopon. Maybe you could post a picture of a leopon and some of these other bizarre animals like ligers?

  2. Mags

    Biology 101 – simplified

    Lions and Tigers are the same species, (feline) just different breeds .

    Ever heard of a Liger? That is what the the offspring of a Lion and a Tiger is called.

    Felines can cross breed, just as canines can cross breed.