Why is coffee from Starbucks and other stores so bloody hot? [Comic]

Some days I need a shot of caffeine to keep me from falling asleep. Whenever I go to Starbucks, I make sure to order iced coffee (or tea, for that matter). Want to know why? They make the coffee so bloody hot that I need to wait 5-10 minutes before I can drink the damn thing. Yeah…. the following comic hit the spot for me (no pun intended):

[via Something of that Ilk]

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  1. meldasue

    I think some of us have more sensitive mouths or something. My mother always drank her coffee black and thought that blisteringly-hot McDonalds coffee was perfect. I’m with you – I have to let my coffee cool for quite a while before I can drink it.

  2. Eric989

    Well the only thing worse than a coffee that is too hot is a shake that is too thick. Wendy’s and Sonic come to mind. At least Wendy’s doesn’t pretend that it can be drunk as they don’t actually call it a shake and don’t even give you a straw. On the other hand Sonic gives you a skinny straw just to make it that much harder. This is especially a problem when driving and I am usually not half done even after 40 minutes. It tastes so good but you can only get enough out to keep you interested and it is so frustrating.
    I think if all you had to drink were Sonic shakes, you would eventually thirst to death because in a 24 hour period you wouldn’t get enough fluid in you to sustain yourself.

  3. Seamus McSeamus

    I have the opposite problem with the Starbucks nearest my house, Ashraf… if I don’t begin drinking it immediately, it’s too cold within about 5 minutes. I have to go to the one across town if I want a nice, hot cup of joe.