A look inside an (extremely large and busy) Amazon warehouse [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Moving almost $50 billion of merchandise every year, Amazon is the unofficial retailer king of the web. Some of what is sold on Amazon.com (or any of its country-specific websites) is done via Amazon Marketplace — third parties selling their products on Amazon. However, much of what is sold on Amazon is sold by Amazon itself. To facilitate the movement of so many products, Amazon has various warehouses throughout the United States (and in other countries or regions that Amazon operates in). Ever wonder what an Amaze warehouse looks like? Wonder no longer…

Damn, Amazon. And to think you were once a humble bookstore.

Some warehouses use robots to help pick the right items from their respective locations. Not Amazon. Amazon uses no picking robots but rather depends on humans armed with barcode scanners for item picking and packing, utilizing a system known as chaotic storage.

Did someone say chaotic? Indeed, it is.

[via IBT]

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  1. jayesstee

    The “chaotic storage” link is very interesting. Isn’t this system similar to how Windows utilises disc space for files?
    The main difference is that Windows doesn’t immediately utilise a vacated cluster.
    If Amazon think “chaotic storage” is more efficient why do we regularly/occasionaly “defrag our hard discs?

  2. John


    What an interesting article and images (for me at least), as an ex storeman (now storeperson) and warehouse manager of many years it’s good to see where technology is taking us these days especially if you read the chaotic storage link as well.

    Good to see there is still a place for us humans somewhere in the chain.

    Funny name that chaotic storage because that’s what I thought I was doing way back in the day, but it really was chaotic in those days.