Why you should buy an iPad mini [Comic]

If you read my opinion piece on the iPad mini, you already know I think it is junk. However, some people disagree with me. According to them, the iPad mini is the holy grail (along with the iPhone and the iPad). These are the same people that claim the iPad mini is so great because it is smaller and more portable than the iPad, but in the same sentence let you know having an iPhone already doesn’t matter because the iPad mini is larger. Yeah…


[via Manu Cornet]

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  1. Ali

    Hmm… Wise question, just in case a salesperson ever tells you:”No Ma’am/Sir, you need not to buy this product from our store!”
    Such people probably send request mails to Apple and ask them to make iDevices for every millimeter and inch visible on a ruler, just because each one is larger than the previous and smaller than the next! :-D
    Nice comic! Thanks!