Can you find the hidden animals in these photos? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

Armed forces around the world prefer to wear ‘camo’ or ‘camouflaged’ clothes for the purposes of being able to better blend into natural surroundings. I’m not sure how well army camo gear works but various animals around the world have natural camouflage that allows them to blend in with their environment and protect themselves from predators or hide in plain sight waiting for prey.

The following are photos by Art Wolfe, as part of his ‘Vanishing Act’ project which he started way back in 1989 and continues today. These photos show animals that are hidden in plain sight, due to natural camouflage or otherwise. See if you can spot the animals in all the photos — there is one in each. Check it out:











Did you spot them all? If you did, name all the animals in the comments below!

Anyone that likes the above work can purchase any of Art Wolfe’s dozens books that he has published so far.

[via BoredPanda]

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  1. JonE

    Let’s not quibble about names . . . . . . .

    @Am I Right: : You are 100 correct.

    @Darcy:, @AFPhys: , @Seamus McSeamus:: It may help to enlarge the photo; it helped me.

    Gazelle: start at the bottom right of the photo and slide left to what looks to be a small dead tree then follow the branches to the top of the tallest branch; the Gazelle’s head is just to the left of this or you could say the Gazelle head is between the lower part of the two trees in the background.

    Wolf: start at the bottom left of the photo and slide right to the first Birch Tree. Follow the Birch Tree up till you find the first branch extending up to the left, continue up till you find the next branch also extending up then go down to the black spot in the middle of the Birch Tree smack dab in the middle; now slide right to the Birch Tree to the right, right next to the first Birch Tree, but in the back ground. You will see the Wolf standing right next to that Birch Tree; to the right of it standing right next to that Birch Tree in an almost direct line with the black spot on the first Birch Tree.

    @Louis:: #2 is not a Seal and #4 is not a Tortoise; refer to @Am I Right:

    @AFPhys:: Have to admit I found myself wondering the same thing about these photos; there is just something not quite right with the photo of the Squirrel or Dassie or whatever it is.

  2. AFPhys

    Great sample of nature photos. Saw an animal in all except the birch trees – wolf? I can’t find him at all!

    The one above that, I saw the gazelle right away, but it is hard to believe that is completely natural and hasn’t been somewhat enhanced with photoshop to make the effect so incredible.

  3. Mr.Dave

    Kind of spooky that you could be out in the woods, 10 feet from a large animal, and not see it! We get deer in the woods behind our house and you simply won’t see them unless they move.

    Thanks, fun pics!

  4. Louis

    Some of them may not be the exact name, depending on the country, but from a South African perspective (in some cases), I have it :

    1. Leopard
    2. Seal
    3. Deer
    4. Tortoise
    5. Owl
    6. Impala (South Afica )
    7. Wolf
    8. Giraffe
    9. Dassie (South Africa)
    10. Amazon Parrot