Kim Dotcom’s ‘Mega’ file locker service will give you 50GB of free cloud storage


Looks like Kim Dotcom is definitely going through with launching his latest file sharing service Mega, despite its striking similarities to the ill-fate Megaupload. It’s also launching soon — like this Saturday kind of soon.

Dotcom also recently revealed through Twitter that the service will be going big right away with its storage offerings, giving users a free 50GB to start with. (For comparison, Dropbox starts you at 2GB of free storage, with 500mb per referral up to 18GB.) If that really is the case when the service launches, other file sharing services are gonna have some serious competition.

After tweeting about the free storage, Dotcom followed up with an even more insightful tweet:

I think you will be very happy with the new#Mega. It’s like time travel. We’ll take you to the future!!!

Find out this Saturday when Mega launches if it will indeed take us to the future. Like time travel.

[via Gizmodo, @KimDotcom (Twitter)]

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  1. Strahd


    No problem, that site is great when youre not sure if the problem connecting to a sie is yours or on server side.

    Acording to thenextweb, dotcom said the demand was massive that it overloaded the servers. Seems to be working now though.

    EDIT: Seems to be suffering from “massive” demands once again. Cant connect to it again. Guess its a hit or miss for the next few days of the launch.

  2. JMJ

    @Strahd: Thanks for the feedback and the downforeveryone… site. Never heard of it before.

    I have a U.S. IP address and have tried several int’l proxies. No luck. Hope they are having simple re-startup pains. Hate to think Big Brother might be involved.

  3. JMJ

    If I got it right, files are supposed to be AES-encrypted with a private key (not even Mega will have access to) when the files leave your computer. So, no one will be able determine the files’ contents…. legit or no. I think uploading, downloading, sharing will be as before.

    IMO, MegaUpload and DotCom got royally, illegally reamed. The U.S. Justice Dept. appears to have lied and falsely (criminally, imho) obtained the underlying warrants. DotCom appears to have acted perfectly legally, even cooperatively, when informed of infringing materials on his servers. The indictments and warrants issued based on 36 specific files that the Govt. ASKED DotCom to retain on his servers to assist in what he was told was an unrelated investigation. He complied, cooperated and got royally reamed! Outrageous, if true.

    I hope he prevails.

  4. Coyote

    This is nice and all but I’ve still to use the 5gb google gave me 10 years ago. My concern is how will file sharing be handled? Would elite groups share amongst themselves or will files be public with a download limit or not? And what will be the cost of sharing files, or downloading… I don’t see anywhere just ‘how’ dotcom expects this to be a business, unless it’s truly another pirate ring… then woot!