At this restaurant you have dinner on tables in water, barefoot, and next to a waterfall [Amazing Photo of the Day]

There are probably millions of restaurants around the world. I bet near your house there are at least a dozen. So, when you are hungry and you want to eat out, how do you decide which restaurant to go to? The food is obviously one criterion but, aside from that, I’m sure there are other factors that come into play. I bet I know one reason why people go to Villa Escudero in the Philippines — the waterfall.

At Villa Escudero’s Waterfalls restaurant, you eat your food on tables that are situated in water next to a waterfall. You have to be barefoot because your feet are in water the whole time you are there. Check it out:





…I hope no one is afraid of water.

[via Home-Designing]

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  1. Justa Comment

    Imagine the wait staff’s feet. Either they wear rubber boots, or their feet are the cleanest, wrinkliest (possibly rottingest) water logged feet on Terra Firma!! Oh, wait, they are not ON Terra Firma, and, oh, the puns (ahhhhhhhhhhh)!

  2. JMJ

    @Susanne: Oh, please! According to the November 2012 issue of JAMA* , all women book every-five-minute group outings to the powder room in every restaurant and theater on Earth, leaving hapless male companions to memorize menus and playbills. If it was only a couple’s outing, they’ll even recruit female travel companions from nearby tables/seats. You could look it up. :-)

    *Journal of the Abandoned Men’s Association

  3. JMJ

    Thanks for sharing, Ashraf, I guess. :-) :-(
    First, hanging from cranes; then, swinging from trees; now, while wading in the waters. Do you know of ANYplace we can just sit at a table (or even on floor mats) and simply e-a-t ?
    The Philippines Islands and People are beautiful but, for up-to-your-ears-in-water dining (and everything else), you can’t beat Venice. :-o