What would you do if you saw these two beasts running at you? [Amazing Photo of the Day]

If I were to say today I have another photo of lions to share with you, would you accuse me of being a cat lover? ‘Cause I am not. I just happen to find awesome photos of big, wild cats.

In any case, I do indeed have a photo of lions to share with you today; and with the photo I ask a simple question: what would you do if these two beasts were running at you? Check out the photo and let me us know in the comments below:


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  1. Rob (Down Under)

    When I was camping in the Arctic Circle, I had a similar problem with Polar bears.
    I know what the problem is with Lions and Polar bears –
    They both think they own the f..’ing place.

  2. GeorgeIbiza

    Hi, my friend is a lion tamer with the circus, and he told me that if ever you have a lion coming towards you, just turn around and pick up some shit and throw it at him.
    I asked, “What happens if there’s no shit….?”
    He said,”There will be, Ooh, there will be!”

  3. Eric989

    @Larry: Running is probably the worst thing you could do. You would trigger their kill reflex even if they were not interested in you.
    @riya: They are clumsy at climbing but they can climb. You would have a chance though if you got high enough like leopards can.

    In my opinion your best bet would be to stand your ground, fight back, and yell or scream a lot. Of course you will lose a fight but they are typically afraid of humans and usually realize that you are not their regular prey and will leave you alone after a bit of a mauling. It is quite amazing how many stories there are of people that survived maulings by big cats. Compare this to the 0% survival rate of anything else smaller than a cape buffalo. The cats usually figure it out and leave you alone, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    This reminds me of my theorized solution to surviving a bear attack which is to run to the closest large tree and run around it, keeping the bear on the other side. It seems that a human would possibly have more lateral quickness and could possibly manage to keep the tree in between long enough for the bear to tire or give up. And if there are two bears…well sometimes it is just not your day.

  4. JMJ

    @Ashraf – No need to apologize but I AM a cat lover, preferably served with garlic & butter sauce!
    @Mike – I would. As my final gift to my Family.
    @Donna – Please pardon what comes next.
    @Rob (Down Under) – She is a cutie. Make that 61%.

    Probably the best thing to do would be to fall down, curl into a ball covering your head and neck with hands/arms, play dead, repent being a sinner/agnostic/atheist and pray like hell to Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, Jehovah, Zeus… and, since none of that is gonna help anyway, follow Darling Donna’s advice.

  5. Rob (Down Under)

    They can run much faster than us Larry.
    That leaves us with only one choice. Put on our fur coat, and bend over.
    It is not a purrfect solution, but in the meantime I will be open to other suggestions.
    PS reminds me of one of the Graham Norton shows (PS That show is a much watch show, for those that have not seen it.)
    At the end of the show he gets a couple of the audience to sit in the red chair, and they relate some interesting story from their past. If it ain’t interesting, Graham pulls a lever, and the chair tips backwards.
    A woman related one of her holiday stories, where she was riding a horse, and they came upon a herd of wild horses. One of the female wild horses whinnied and the Arab stallion she was riding took up the offer, and mounted the wild horse. Graham asked what she did next, and she replied it was safest to stay on her horse until he had finished, which she did. Graham usually has three celebrity guests for the full hour show. One of the guests (Gerard Butler I think) then quipped back to the lady in the red chair, that she was lucky that the horse she was riding, was not the female horse.