“This is what I do every night” [Comic]

We have already seen a scientifically-backed hypothesis that technology has made us more stupid. Maybe one of the reasons why we are more stupid is because technology gets between us and our daily dose of sleep. I mean, how many people actually go to bed when they go to bed? That is to say, how many people turn off the lights and shut their eyes instead of getting sidetracked by a laptop or smartphone or [insert some other tech here]? Yeah…


[via Geeks are Sexy, Chewingfat]

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  1. Grantwhy

    Not me *smug* , although that might be because I don’t have a smartphone or tablet and I don’t use the one year old [W7] laptop (it’s there as a backup to 7+ year old XP desktop)

    My occasional night-time routine is stay on the desktop computer until I fall asleep (a comfy computer chair is worth every $ you spend on it :-), wake up 2 hours later, maybe turn off the computer, go to bed.

    Otherwise is it stay on the computer until I am starting to fall asleep (if you look at the time, blink, look at the time again and 10 minutes have passed that might be a clue you are falling asleep ;-) then try to get to bed before I fall asleep.