And father of the year award goes to… this firefighter [Image]

Reddit user ‘Burnstyle’ is single father who works as a firefighter. Has a son who enjoys going to the firehouse and playing on the firetrucks. So what did Burnstyle do? He built his son a firetruck replica bed… fit with a working siren, its own working pump panel, a radio scanner connected to fire dispatch, and a computer-monitor setup for the kid to watch his favorite shows (as allowed by his dad, who controls it via VNC). Check it out:






…How is this guy single? Ladies, take a good look. As a Reddit user has put it, this guys is a “creative, single dad who works as a firefighter, is good with tools, and is devoted to his son” — he won’t last long, I reckon.

Now I just need to make sure my wife never sees this post. I kid, I kid. I think.

[via Reddit]

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