“How to park a SUV” — today’s hilarious animated GIF [Image]

I may be wrong but I am guessing most dotTechies are above the age of eighteen and, as such, drive cars. Let’s have it: raise your hand if you are terrible at parking? I know I am, although I would like to think I am improving (at least that is what I tell myself). However, no matter how bad you or I are at parking, I believe the person driving the following SUV takes the crown for most terrible parker. Check it out:



It looks like the person driving meant to hit the brake but instead hit the accelerator. #Fail

[via Reddit]

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  1. Grantwhy

    Call me a cynic, but I could not but notice that (1) the camera moves left-right a couple of times, (2) does a little zoom in-out at the end and (3) it is very convenient how all the other cars are parked to give the best view of the accident (and also give the vehicle a nice clean turning area).

    Now, I’m not saying I don’t believe in coincidences (that 1, 2 and 3 just happened), I am saying I don’t trust coincidences :-p

    Having said that I do believe this kind of stupid thing could happen.

    Why? Because in the past while riding a motorbike in a straight line I not only managed to get myself thrown forward over the handlebars, I got the motorbike to *follow* me over the handlebars as well (all without running into anything) :-P

    So I know people can do very silly things with motor vehicles without trying.

    ps: When people say you should not ‘lock up’ wheels of a motor bike when breaking, they are telling the truth.

    pps: When people say you should *especially* NOT ‘lock up’ the front wheel of a motor bike when breaking, they are telling the truth.

    pppps: When people say if you HAVE locked up the front wheel of a motor bike when breaking do NOT under ANY circumstances try to TURN the front wheel or bad things WILL happen, they are telling the truth.

  2. JMJ

    That is too funny! Don’t blame the driver. He was using a fifth-gen auto-driving mechanism that, unfortunately, referenced Apple Maps.
    My very first car; my new favorite girl on our very first date; mall parking lot; swiped column… three (1, 2, 3) times! She laughed until her cheeks hurt but bravely stuck around for a couple years… probably for laughs.
    @Susanne – Ignore Seamus McSeamus’ comment. Your’s is a perfectly legitimate way to fish. ;-)
    @Seamus McSeamus – Oh, sure; but you left out that your wife has not let you drive for 16 years after you flattened that 23rd mailbox. :-)

  3. Susanne

    Doesn’t surprise me — the ditches here are full of these stupid things after a heavy snowfall because the yahoos driving them think SUV = immunity to ice & gravity. If you can’t be bothered learning how to drive it, why bother learning how to park it? (That said, I’ve backed a pickup into a creek, so probably should not be throwing stones at other people’s glass houses).