64GB RAM costs $2,999.99, one person “sells his car” to buy it [Image]



(P.S. The person who posted the review most likely didn’t actually buy the RAM. It looks to be a joke more than anything.)

[via MakeUseOf]

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  1. Grantwhy

    the scary thing is, I can remember buy RAM to put in a computer when it cost about $115(AUD) *per* MB.

    I bought 8MB, and that was 8 x 1MB RAM sticks :-P

    Considering how much time I spent playing Wing Commander II (and later TIE Fighter) I think I got value for money out of the RAM.

  2. o(o.o)o

    Even if it sells for that much (700$), I seriously doubt anyone in his right mind would buy something worth a decent desktop or laptop that’ll give him 5-20ms (guess?) of an edge over other current systems. I’ve been proven to be wrong a lot of times though. :)

  3. Tom

    [@mukhi] Actually NewEgg does indicate “Verified Owner” on individual reviews. This is not one of those.

    FWIW, NewEgg’s current price is $699.99. It’s possible the graphic here has been shopped… I’m not sure.