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  1. Prema

    try this link:

    the beauty of nature is indescribable.

    While driving on the road,
    i catch a glimpse of the wide ocean,
    a tinge of blue,
    and the light of the sun,
    “how mesmerizing” i think to myself.

    As I wait for the bus,
    I look up at the endless sky,
    a different tinge each moment of the day,
    and various clouds adorning it.
    “how mesmerizing” i think to myself.

    As I walk up my driveway,
    I stare at the sharp blades of grass,
    green and fresh,
    full of zest,
    “how mesmerizing” I think to myself.

    Ahh but how cruel is this life,
    with technology covering our eyes,
    with smoke from factories covering our nose,
    with toxins, chemicals, and preservatives covering our taste buds,
    with loud music covering our ears,
    I sometimes find myself questioning
    why i even live in the city.
    Then I come to this site,
    look at all the articles,
    especially the Photo of the Day

    oh what the heck,
    “how mesmerizing” I think to myself

  2. Strahd

    Great find Ashraf.

    A quick question, maybe its only my PC but I cannot use your Search bar to search for things any longer. Have you disabled it?

    Been trying to look for past Photos of the Day, and having to scroll and click through all the pages is tedious.