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Samsung Galaxy S IV design looks to be largely unchanged from Galaxy S III…

galaxys4video [1]

The same source that leaked images of what might be the Samsung Galaxy S 4 [2] has now followed up with video of the device. The uploader is calling it the world’s first hands-on with the Galaxy S 4, i9502 China Unicom Version.

Very much like the leaked images, there really is no way of telling if this is indeed what Samsung will be showing off in its March 14 unveiling. It is indeed a real device that match the spec leaks to the dot, but there is still the possibility of it being a hoax or even a fake that Samsung is intentionally letting loose. Check it out:

What makes it even more interesting is the fact that Samsung has posted a new teaser image on its official Twitter account, and from the little bit of the device that we can see, it certainly looks similar to that of the one shown in the video.

s4teaser [3]

You could also say that it looks similar to the GS III, which it does. Vlad Savov of The Verge tweeted a little comparison and it lines up perfectly with Samsung’s Galaxy S III:

galaxy_s_iv_s_iii [4]

Is Samsung copying Apple yet again and are we looking at a Galaxy S 3 S? Could this be a fake designed to keep us off the actual design that will be totally different? Or has Samsung simply decided to continue with what has been working for them so far? Only two more days and we’ll find out.

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