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Google is going to combine Gtalk, Gmail Chat, Google Voice, Google Hangouts, etc. into one chat platform called ‘Babble’ [Rumor]

googlebabble [1]

There are currently a lot of ways you can chat with your friends on Google’s services. There is of course chat in Gmail, Google Talk, Google Hangouts, and a quite useful chatting functionality built into Google Drive as well. Plus there is Google Voice and a bunch of others. With all these different avenues for communicating, it can get a little messy especially if one cannot talk to the other. It appears Google themselves know that, and are working to change that.

Geek.com reports citing multiple sources that Google intends on unifying all their messaging platforms under one service. The service is expected to be called Google Babble and we might see an unveiling as early as this year’s Google I/O event.

googlehangout [2]

What is currently known about Google Babble is that it is being built from the ground up, and that it will include all the features you’re used to having from Google’s current chat services like the ability to send and receive images, video, files. Fans of Google Hangouts conference-style video chats will be pleased to know that is also one of the rumored functionality to be included in the service. Also, messages in Google Babble will be arranged by conversation.

Overall, the service sounds like the right move for Google. The same chat window across all of Google services with access to all the features? Count me in.

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