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Wow, these 3D digital animations of people look very, very, very real [Video]

this_is_an_animated_person [1]

I’m sure we all have, to one extent or another, seem animated 3D characters. However, I’m sure you have yet to see an animated character that looks real. You know, like a real person. Until now.

In pursuit of “next generation character rendering”, Activision Blizzard’s research and development team have developed animations of people that look extremely real. In fact, you may not even know they are animated if I didn’t tell you (save for the teeth — the teeth still need work). Are you ready to be amazed? Hit up the following video and images:

lauren-03-thumb [2]

lauren-04-thumb [3]

lauren-06-on-thumb [4]

jonas-02-on-thumb [5]

lauren-05-on-thumb [6]

jonas-01-thumb [7]

lauren-01-thumb [8]

lauren-02-thumb [9]

Wow. Just wow.

[via Jorge Jimenez [10]]