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[Windows] Backup your files and folders with 1-abc.net Backup, a portable file-level backup program

2013-04-08_214304 [1]dotTech has a review of best free backup software for Windows [2]. If, however, you don’t like the programs we recommended in our review or are looking for another option, 1-abc.net Backup is yet file-level backup program you can try. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

1-abc.net Backup is a file-level backup program that allows you to backup your files and folders. Backups can be stored locally on your hard drive, external drive, removable media (e.g. USB flash drive), network shares, or FTP servers.




2013-04-08_224044 [3]On the forefront, 1-abc.net Backup appears to be a file-level backup program. However, when you use it you will discover it is more of a files/folder “copier” than a backup program. You see the way 1-abc.net Backup “backs up” files is by copying them and then pasting them in the target folder. I’m talking literal copy and paste; you will see the Windows ‘Copying…’ dialog that shows you the progress of copying a file and allows you to cancel.

Using this copy and paste method has one good point. Backed up files are stored in their original, uncompressed, unarchived, non-proprietary format, meaning you can easily restore files by simply moving them backup to their original location; you don’t need 1-abc.net Backup installed to restore files. However, this one good point is vastly overshadowed by the drawbacks of this method: no ability to compress files; no ability to encrypt or password protect files; no formal restore feature in 1-abc.net Backup, meaning you must manually restore files… which can be annoying if you want to restore files to their original location and confusing to some users who expect a backup program to be able to restore files, too; and it makes it near impossible to multi-task if you do incremental backup.

Let me expand on that last point a bit more.

When 1-abc.net Backup does a full backup, it behaves like it is doing one large copy + paste. This means you will see the Windows ‘Copying…’ dialog but you will only see one since it is all one big copy and paste. With incremental backups, however, only modified files are backed up so 1-abc.net Backup copies and pastes the modifies files individually as opposed to one big backup. This means you will constantly see that ‘Copying…’ dialog pop up, which can get extremely annoying if you multi-task — especially if you are typing something (ever accidentally cancel something?). Of course this isn’t a big issue if you are backing up small files and you have a very fast computer; in this situation you likely won’t ever see the ‘Copying…’ dialog because the files are small and your computer copies them so fast, the ‘Copying…’ dialog appears and disappears very quickly. However, more often than not this will be very annoying.

1-abc.net Backup would easily leverage the advantage of storing backups in non-proprietary format and mitigate the issues by simply storing backups in non-proprietary ZIP format or at least by giving users the option to select if they want to use ZIP or not.

2013-04-08_215153 [4]To add more salt to the wound, 1-abc.net Backup is not 100% bug free. After running a full backup, I decided to switch a backup job to incremental. I then modified a target file and ran the incremental backup. However, 1-abc.net Backup bugged out, displayed an error message telling me file name is too large, and wouldn’t work — I had to force close it via Task Manager. I’m not exactly sure what caused the issue because 1-abc.net Backup worked otherwise (it was able to do all full/incremental backups I tried) but the error happened every time I tried to run that particular backup, so it wasn’t a one-time error.

Overall my feeling about this program can be summed up in one word: meh.

Conclusion and download link

Aside from the bug I ran into, 1-abc.net Backup works, so I’m not going to call it trash. However, it is one of the worst file-level backup programs I have used. It feels like someone just woke up one morning and decided to develop a backup program and sell it for $24.95… without properly thinking about the features that need to be in such a program. I’d recommend staying away from this one.

Instead of getting 1-abc.net Backup, I recommend reading dotTech’s review of best free backup software for Windows [2]. Pick one of the programs mentioned in that review and I promise you will be more happy than with 1-abc.net Backup. dotTech guarantee.

Price: $29.95

Version reviewed: 5.00

Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

Download size: 392KB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46 [5]

Is it portable? Yes (but it must be “installed”)

1-abc.net Backup homepage [6]