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BitTorrent Surf lets you download torrents straight from your browser

bittorrentsurf2 [1]

BitTorrent has just announced the release of BitTorrent Surf, a sharing plugin that “brings BitTorrent to your browser.” Basically, BitTorrent Surf hopes to eliminate the need for a separate torrent client and make downloading easier.

In addition to making downloading content easier, BitTorrent is hoping that Surf will make discovering content easier as well. The plugin has a recommendation engine built to “help creators and fans connect over content.” One example would be, when you’re constantly downloading music from a certain artist, the recommendation engine might surface more content that you might like, like a similar artist with the same sound or style of music. Another interesting detail about the plugin is that it will also “prioritize legitimate content.”

BitTorrent Surf is now available as a plugin for both Google Chrome and Firefox. If you’d like to see how it looks in action, check out the video below:

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[via BitTorrent [5]]