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This is what’s inside the Google Glass box

googleglass [1]

Just a day after announcing that the first shipments of Google Glass had gone out to the first lucky users [2], we have what is most likely the first peek into what it’s like unboxing Google Glass.

Brandon Allgood’s clearly excited about the future with Google Glass, as the device is now heavily featured in his Google+ profile. As you can see from Brandon’s Explorer Edition kit above, Google Glass comes with a Micro USB charger, a carrying pouch and an alternate clear visor to complement the default sunglasses-looking pair. While we probably can’t experience Google Glass the way Brandon will now that he’s got his hands on one, we can get pretty close with the newly posted Google Glass user guide [3] that’s been posted online.

If you want a look at the Google Glass unboxing experience in video form, Dan McLaughlin has posted his experience:

It seems the future is already here! At least for some people, that is.

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