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Google’s New York offices have swiveling bookshelves that reveal secret rooms

googlenyc [1]

Google is known to love including easter eggs in all sorts of things. From playing Snake on YouTube to the unlockable ninja on Google Reader, their exploits are well documented. But who knew the company even has easter eggs in real life?

Tarah Feinberg of iCrossing has revealed one of Google’s biggest (probably) secrets — their New York headquarters have hidden rooms accessible in ways only cheesy mystery lovers would know: swiveling bookshelves. Feinberg posted the picture of the secret room on his Google+ page, saying:

Coolest thing ever: swivel bookcases to reveal secret private rooms. Every office should have this.

Every office should definitely have swiveling bookshelves. But very many offices are rolling in the dough like Google is. It’s a strange little idea, but not completely unexpected from a fun-loving company like Google.

So if you ever land a job at Google’s NYC offices, you know where to take your secret naps! There’s no better place.

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