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What is a cheap but durable mouse? [Ask dotTechies]

Hey dotTechies,

I have gone through roughly three mice in the past three years. Each time the issue is the same: after roughly a year of use, the mouse starts doing double-clicks when I click on something instead of the normal single-click. All three mice have been those cheap $10 ones (because I’ve never been one to spend $50 on a mouse that I don’t need) and I’ve always wondered why people spend so much money on mice. Now I know why.

My question is: does anyone know of a cheap but good and durable mouse, preferably one that doesn’t start double-clicking after a few months of use? When I say “cheap”, I mean relative to durability. I am more than willing to spend $20-30 on a mouse that doesn’t break after a few months of use. So, please, share your thoughts in the comments [1] below regarding mice suggestions.

Thank you!

-Mr. Boss