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[Windows] Convert images between formats with CoolUtils Total Image Converter

2013-05-01_232216 [1]Much like how there are many video formats, there are many different image formats. If you frequently work with images, you need something to deal with all these image formats. In other words, you need an image converter. CoolUtils Total Image Converter is one such program. Let’s see if it is worth your time.

What is it and what does it do

Main Functionality

As the name indicates, Total Image Converter is an image converter; it lets you convert your images between different formats.




2013-05-01_232246 [3]Total Image Converter is a program that wants to be more important than it actually is. When you visit the developer’s website or see the main program interface, you will probably get a feeling of “this looks like a feature-filled and awesome program”. However, when it comes down to it, Total Image Converter is just another image converter.

The program works as advertised and it does more than just image conversions, as mentioned in the ‘Pros’ list above. But really there is nothing in Total Image Converter that yells “get me now”. In fact, there are aspects of Total Image Converter that yell “stay away”. For example, the program interface is very busy — more busy than the interface of an image converter needs to be. Another example is how the other-than-conversion features of rotate, flip, resize, etc. don’t work in batch unless you are using them in combination with conversion. (Note: This may be a bug. To me it looks like the program intends for you to be able to rotate, flip, resize, etc. in batch without having to convert images but, while using the program, I was unable to do so.) Yet another example is how you cannot resize by percentage. To top it off, the developer has an intrusive built-in ad that appears at the ‘Want more?’ stage whenever you use any of the features of Total Image Converter (conversion, rotate, resize, etc.). An ad in a shareware program? Say what?!

If there were no other image converters in the world, then I’d say: okay, Total Image Converter is a good program. However, there are dozens of image converter programs (freeware and shareware), and, in such a highly competitive genre, Total Image Converter is nothing more than ordinary.

Conclusion and download link

Total Image Converter has the features expected to be in an image converter, but it fails to do anything that wows. Sure, it works as advertised but why would anyone want to spend $19.90 on a program that does something that dozens of freeware programs can do? I’d recommend saving your money and not getting CoolUtils Total Image Converter.

Rather than getting Total Image Converter, if you want to be able to convert images I recommend checking out any of the following:

All the just-mentioned programs are freeware and excellent.

Price: $19.90

Version reviewed: 1.5 .109

Supported OS: Windows

Download size: 8.6MB

VirusTotal malware scan results: 0/46 [11]

Is it portable? No

CoolUtils Total Image Converter homepage [12]