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Google’s very (very) lengthy I/O 2013 keynote is now on YouTube for viewing

googleio [1]

If you weren’t one of the 6,000 in attendance at this year’s Google I/O developer conference or the million that the company claimed was tuning in live online, YouTube’s got you covered. The entire conference, which runs for almost 4 hours, can be viewed in the video embedded below:

Despite the absence of new Nexus (or Motorola) hardware a no-show from Key Lime Pie, Google’s event packed an impressive list of announces. A completely redesigned version of Google Maps, the fabled Babel messaging service was revealed as Hangouts and many more.

Because this is a developer conference, there are a bunch of sections of the keynote that you might not find particularly interesting. But if you think things like new s API to enable upstream data with the Google Cloud Messaging service for Android are interesting — congratulations, you’re a nerd. Or you’re a developer, and this should be a treat for you.

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